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This December 25 is the first Christmas for the british royal family without the queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom and on such a special date, his memory is present. This 2022 Charles III It is the King and his sons, brothers and nephews have spared no expense in decorating their official residences, such as Windsor Castle; however, there is a very typical element of these parties that is never included: the garlands.

The palace located in Berkshire, England, was decorated with flower crowns, plant decorations and the impressive tree, as shown by the Royal Collection Trust, which brings together the collection of works of art and decorative objects of the British Crown.

The Christmas ornament that the British ‘royals’ don’t use

Without Isabel II Christmas traditions have been followed to the letter and it was his heir to the throne who led the religious service in the Sandringham chapel where Prince Louis stole the looks by making his debut at this event with his parents, the princes of Welsh.

A detail related to the celebrations of Christmas in the British royal family is revealed by Grant Harrold, who was Carlos’s butler at his residence in Highgrove between 2004 and 2011. According to an interview given to The Mirror, the garlands or tinsel will never be seen in a palace or residence of the British ‘royals’.

“Everyone puts garlands, but if you go to a real house, it’s greener, decorations and lights, not garlands”he explained.

As the magazine Hello adds, British tabloids reviewed the images of the traditional Christmas tree both in Windsor Castle, and the one seen behind Queen Elizabeth II in her annual Christmas message, and indeed, none of the decorations include this item. In addition, Vanitatis points out that this detail seems to be shared by the queen consort Camila as well, since when she invited some children to Clarence House at the beginning of December to decorate the Christmas tree, there was no trace of this decorative element so typical of these holidays.

“I heard that in Sandringham, the queen used to arrange that one of the trees in one of the rooms be left empty for the children to decorate (…) It was a tradition that she started and the grandkids would come and everyone would do a bit of decorating, which I always thought was a good idea.”added Grant Harrold to explain the important role he gave his great-grandchildren on this date.

The memory of Elizabeth II

Prior to the Christmas service and concert offered by Catherine of Wales to people who carried out outstanding charitable activities, the wife of William of Wales recalled why this date was so special for Queen Elizabeth II.

“This Christmas will be the first without Her Late Majesty, Queen Elizabeth. Her majesty held Christmas close to her heart, as a time that brought people together and reminded us of the importance of faith, friendship and family, and of showing empathy and compassion.”he commented.

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