The City is Our Series shows the entrails of the Baltimore police – El Sol de México

In 2002 the journalist and writer David Simon created the series The wire, a fiction set in Baltimore that deals with problems arising from drug trafficking; Twenty years later, he returned to that place to produce, along with George Pelecanos, the series The city is ourwhich portrays the rise and fall of the city’s police.

In interview with The Sun of Mexicothe creators explained that although a program cannot change the entire society, it can inspire an individual to improve, and therefore these types of stories based on reality are the complement for other pieces of information.

“A television drama touches nerves that news cannot, because the latter tells of someone you do not know, who was impacted by events that you do not fully understand, but television can involve the viewer more on an emotional level”, said George Pelecanos.

David Simon, who worked as a journalist for 13 years before turning to entertainment, added that you can always get to darker places in fiction, but “the trick is to find the middle ground in each scene where you’re portraying reality.”

The script for the series is based on the homonymous book published in February of last year, written by Justin Fenton, a reporter for the weekly baltimore sunand shows in detail the corruption within the Police, and that led the officers to be singled out for unethical practices in mass arrests and related to drug prohibition.

in touch with reality

The leading role is played by Jon Bernthal, who highlighted that the bad practices that are carried out in some sectors overshadow the good work that other people do, and have given a bad image to the authority.

During filming, he even spoke with real police officers, and he remembered one named Keith Galiano, who has found in the series a reminder of the importance of his work. “He told me that every year he sees The wire to remember how your actions affect individuals, and be aware of your shortcomings, and not take things personally,” he shared.

The actor also highlighted the influence that the videos captured by civilians have had on police work, because although he recognizes that it is not an easy matter to deal with, they have also contributed to preventing abuses.

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“There are benefits and crimes that have been avoided thanks to technology, or situations that could have turned tragic, and thanks to someone capturing them, they were avoided. But it has also created big problems,” she noted.

However, he acknowledged that technology “has cast a huge shadow in this profession, perhaps there is someone who deserves it, but others don’t. I accompanied the Baltimore Police Department for many hours, and every time they get out of their car they are being filmed. There is a reason to do it, but there are also times when it gets in the way of your work.”

The city is our It premieres this Monday, April 25 on the HBO Max platform, it is suitable for adolescents and adults.