The Colombian photographer who finds the “beautiful” side of everyone; if he sees you on the street, you can star in his works

The creator of content and photographer Sebastián Moreno is dedicated to portraying people who are on the street and those that he considers have style and dress in a very striking way.

In one of his latest videos, the tiktoker came across Edwin, a 23-year-old who was sitting on a platform in the La Castellana sector, in the north of Bogotá; there he asked her to let him take a picture and, meanwhile, he was finding out about his personal life.

In the middle of the questions and answers, Moreno gave him several compliments that were recorded in his video: “The guy is pretty, you have to admit, and he’s sexy. […] You are very pretty. […] I think they keep an eye on you fed up, I kept an eye on you. […] What a handsome man, what a sexy man.” were the repeated times that Moreno highlighted the beauty of the protagonist of his work.

During the talk, Edwin told him that he had a partner and that he was a lover of tattoos; He also told her that in order to “scratch” his body, he had to leave his house when he was 20 years old.

“On the street they look at me a lot because of my tattoos, my mom didn’t accept it at first, but now she does,” Edwin explained.

While the photo session was taking place, Moreno assured that none of his work is done with professional models and that he walks the streets looking for people who, in his opinion, register well and have a “good style.”

Although the doubt about whether or not I compliment the protagonist of his most recent work, In another video, he made it clear that he treats all people that way, he also indicated that he has a wife and that this has not caused him problems.

“I have seen many comments asking me what my wife says about me treating people as ‘pretty or pretty.’ I treat everyone the same, because we are all pretty. You who are seeing this are beautiful. We’re all cute.” Moreno assured in the clip in which he photographed a young woman.

Tiktoker records how gang of thieving monkeys operates in India

On another shore, but also as a content generator, there are different content generators who travel the world recording their adventures and telling their followers the anecdotes they live in each of the destinations they visit; They usually show typical dishes, tourist places, strange customs and even give tips to those who want to visit those sites.

One of them is the tiktoker Camilo Duque, who on his trip to India decided to record a particular fact that affects tourists who come to Vrindavana town in the district of Mathurá, in the state of Uttar Pradesh, where not even the police have been able to prevent the thefts committed by a gang of monkeys.

In his story, the content generator, a travel expert, captured the story of this group of primates who, in addition to being fast and stealing from tourists, specialize in stealing glasses and cell phones. In addition, he explained in his videos that they extort walkers so that, in exchange for food, their belongings are returned to them.

“In the event that they take your cell phone or something valuable that they cannot eat, there are two options. One, that it will end up on a roof, or two, that they know, that it is something valuable to you and they exchange it for food, ”Duque explained in his publication.

That was the first impression of the traveler on TikTok; however, he wanted to verify that everything they say about these little apes was not a lie and he put himself as bait. On his head he placed broken glasses and went right through where the monkeys attack.

It didn’t take long for Duque to catch the attention of the monkeys and one of them approached him and tried to remove his glasses; At that moment, another tourist who saw what happened managed to scare away the ‘thief’, but since it is an organized gang that operates in a synchronized way, another ape jumped from the roof and managed to keep the loot.

At that moment and convinced that what they wanted was some food in exchange for returning the glasses, he offered them fruit, but this time the ape did not want to cooperate and decided to keep the treasure that he managed to snatch from Duque.

“It is somewhat curious because they remove them so precisely that I felt that something fell behind me, but I did not feel that I took off my glasses, that is, they are experts”added the content generator.