The color of her little buttons sprouts, Alexa Dellanos in a chikini did not cover and the giggle gave her away

Once again, Alexa Dellanos thrilled thousands of users of digital platforms with a daring postcard in which she was seen wearing a blue chikini that covered almost nothing, since the color of her little buttons came out, and the giggle gave her awaywhich sparked intense reactions among his fans.

At 29 years old, the famous American model has managed to win the affection of millions of people on social networks, who captivated them with her singular beauty and spectacular figure in the shape of an hourglass and long blonde hair.

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As expected, the popular influencer has no problem turning on the eyes of her fervent admirers with everything she usually boasts in her profiles, where she has no problem showing the beauty that her mother Myrka Dellanos inherited from her.

Through her personal account on the Facebook social network, Alexa Dellanos shared a spicy photograph that raised the temperature of her fervent followers, who were delighted with everything that revealed all his greatness and much more, given that he dared to dazzle everyone with his transparencies.

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Posing flirtatiously inside a sauna, the well-known Internet celebrity born in California, was seen sitting down and very happy in a small fishnet swimsuit that allowed us to admire the color of its little buttons, because it covered almost nothing of her slender anatomy.

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Photo: Facebook

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