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Johanna Fadul is one of the most talked about actresses in the country. The controversial photos of Johanna Fadul in a Bogotá street without clothes

It is no secret to anyone that he has many followers on his social networks pending his life.

In his Instagram account he has a little more than six million people who do not hesitate to comment on his publications.

Fadul is constantly flattered by her beauty, as she is a fan of exercise, and this is the reason why her figure attracts a lot of attention.

This is one of the most commented topics in her publications and for this she is highly flattered.

In recent days he has also given what to talk about due to his participation in the program “Who is the mask?”

He played one of the most loved and admired characters of the season.

In addition, he used one of the most complicated costumes of all, as it had several details that complicated his movement.

The actress was discovered and made a post about it on her Instagram account.

There, she confessed that the mask did not let her breathe, or see very well, so it was a great experience.

Now, the actress has given something to talk about again, this time, for another topic.

And it is that in his Instagram account he published a series of photographs that have left more than one surprised.

There he appears in the middle of the seventh race, one of the busiest roads in the city of Bogotá.

However, what drew attention is that he has no clothes and only has a sheet to cover his body.

“Between sheets through the streets of Bogotá ❤️‍🔥”, he wrote there.

The comments have not been long in coming and some have criticized her for posing like that in the middle of the street.

While others have not been able to avoid noticing the stares of the people around them.

The truth is that he has generated controversy with this publication and has divided opinions among his followers.

For now, she is still very proud of her work and the snapshots that were taken of her.

Let’s remember that …

On several occasions the actress has referred to the most difficult moment of her life.

In 2015 the couple of actors were going to become parents of two little girls whom they would call Antonella and Anabella.

Fadul and Quintero were happier than ever, however in the seventh month of pregnancy, they faced a terrible diagnosis.

Doctors confirmed that one of the girls had had a stroke.

This is why she had to undergo surgery so that the other baby could live.

However, this did not happen as expected and unfortunately both died.

In their social networks, the two announced the news with a photograph of their daughters’ hands next to them.

This shocked his followers, and many lamented the situation.

Now, it is constant that the two remember them on their social networks with several photographs.