The controversial photos of Margarita, the daughter of Fito Paez and Romina Richi who turned 18

Some days ago, Daisy flowerthe daughter of Fito Paez Y Romina Richieturned 18, which is why his parents used their social networks to leave him messages of love and greetings.

The young woman caught the attention of Internet users for her high profile on social networks, where a tendency to excesses can be observed.

In the different photos that she publishes on social networks, she can be seen drinking drinks and even smoking a rolled cigarette that is unknown if it was tobacco or marijuana.

Margaret Paez.

Daisy flower has a very marked profile towards art: he plays the piano, like Fito Paezsince he was five years old, and he has already made his debut in the cinema, since at the age of 13 he participated in the film The Father of my Children.

She is tall, slender blonde and likes to be in the company of her friends with whom she usually goes to bars, restaurants and attend parties of different styles and varied musical offerings.

She presents herself as a feminist and enjoys traveling and the affection of her parents who, although they separated several years ago, knew how to build a good relationship between them, something that is reflected in Margarita’s social networks.