The controversial statements of Alejandra Guzmán about her daughter Frida Sofía

Alejandra Guzmán opened her heart and talked about her current relationship with her daughter Frida Sofía.

The renowned singer and her daughter have had a conflictive relationship for years; and this has increased in recent months since Frida Sofía publicly denounced her grandfather Enrique Guzmán (Alejandra’s father) for sexual abuse in her childhood.

Faced with this controversial confession, the rocker decided to support her father, and also disinherited her firstborn to leave everything to Apolo, the son of her brother Luis Enrique. This attitude definitely ended up moving her away from her daughter, but now Alejandra Guzmán assured that she is willing to reconcile.

“There are things that one day, I hope, will get back on track. But you have to let everyone touch their bottom, that everyone learn, that everyone choose what they want in life. Everyone has that to do in life” said the 54-year-old singer in an interview with “Ventaneando”.

And he added: “I will always have my heart open. I know that there is a thread, which is the umbilical cord, and that will never stop being united.”

Guzmán made it clear what he thinks with forceful statements: “I am a mother who is hurt by what is happening. Of course I am sensitive, but I know that one day he will return, I know that one day he will open his eyes and he will realize account (…) one day he will wake up”.