The couples of the stars of Welcome to Eden

Welcome to Eden premiered a few days ago on Netflix and it gained so much popularity that many want to know a little more about the lives of its protagonists, and in this aspect their love lives cause great interest.

Amaia Salamanca is one of the main figures in this youth series, where she puts herself in Astrid’s shoes. More than ten years ago, the Spanish woman shared her life with a businessman named Rosauro Varo, with whom she had three children.

Begoña Vargas is another of the protagonists of the production and although she was dating Óscar Casas, brother of actor Mario Casas, for three years, she is currently single. But apparently the bond between them is still very good, since their photos together are still published on Instagram.

Who is also without a boyfriend is Belinda, the Mexican who returned to acting with this series. After more than two years sharing her life with Christian Nodal and after a commitment, the artists decided to end their love story, just before the celebration of Valentine’s Day 2022.

Alex Pastrana is another key piece in Bienvenidos a Edén, since Ulises, the character he plays, will mark everyone with his coldness. Many believed that this Venezuelan actor was dating a young woman named Paula Baena, but according to him, they were just good friends.

The Argentinian Guillermo Pfening is also one of the protagonists of this series and his love life has always been a mystery. In fact, he decided to have a child with his best friend and when he was consulted on the subject he recognized that “You don’t need a sentimental bond to give him love” to his heir. With this he made it clear that the efforts are put elsewhere today, rather than having a girlfriend.