The creator of the cult manga Yu-Gi-Oh, Takahashi-sensei, has died

Kazuki Takahashi, manga author Yu Gi Oh !, famous worldwide for its declination in collectible card game, died at 60 years old. He is said to have died as a result of a possible diving accident.

Mr. Takahashi’s body was found on Wednesday morning off the coast of Okinawa prefecture (southern Japan) after the coastguard received an emergency call, a member of the coastguard told AFP. the city of Nago. “He was wearing a t-shirt, a (diving) mask, a snorkel and flippers,” said this source, adding that an investigation was underway and that the theses of an accidental or criminal death were both considered. at this stage.

The manga Yu-Gi-Oh!, originally published in the Japanese magazine Weekly Shonen Jump between 1996 and 2004, features Yugi, a teenager who receives a puzzle containing the spirit of an Egyptian pharaoh as a gift, which seizes of the young man’s body. Subsequently published in the form of a series of 38 volumes by the Japanese publisher Shueisha, and in France by the publishing house Kana, the manga has been the subject of two adaptations in animation series and two others in animated films. The license was also adapted in the form of a trading and trading card game which was a worldwide success.