The curious response of Tino Asprilla to Egan Bernal for trilling about Petro

Colombian cyclist Egan Bernal has been quite active on Twitter a few days before the presidential elections in Colombia, making it clear that he does not agree with the political project of candidate Gustavo Petro.

In fact, this Monday afternoon, Bernal gave his opinion on the aforementioned social network that It seems that Petro’s political campaign “got out of hand.”

After the trill of the Colombian cyclist, the former soccer player Faustino ‘El Tino’ Asprilla did not ignore it and made a curious comment. “I think it’s the only thing we have in common; there are also things that get out of hand”, said the former player.

Last Friday, Asprilla announced through his social networks that his vote for the presidential elections next Sunday June 19 will be for the candidate Rodolfo Hernández.

During the presidential contest, various figures have joined engineer Hernández’s campaign; however, the peculiarity of Faustino’s announcement was his companion.

At his side, nothing more and nothing less was one of the most important Brazilian figures in sports: Ronaldinho. “Here we are Faustininho and Ronaldinho and we are with Rodolfinho”They both said in a video.

It should be noted that in the first round, Asprilla, a player for the Colombian National Team in the 1990s, he supported the one who ranked third in the electoral contest, Federico Gutiérrez.

Through a publication on his networks, the former soccer player stated that the candidate from Antioquia was the ideal person to lead the country in these moments of uncertainty. Now, his influence and his vote turn to Hernandez’s side.

Egan Bernal does not release Gustavo Petro

WEEK has revealed several recordings of the meetings recently held by some members of Gustavo Petro’s campaign communications team, who developed a strategy to discredit and attack the different presidential candidates.

The cyclist Egan Bernal did not let these revelations go unnoticed and turned against the leader of the Historical Pact. Likewise, he took advantage of the moment to point out that this issue got out of hand for the politician.

“He wants to be president, discrediting even his own allies. ‘The ethical line is going to be moved a bit.’ ‘Defense and attack’. What a shame! It seems that the campaign got out of Gustavo Petro’s hands.” indicated the Ineos Team runner.

Gustavo Petro ignored Egan Bernal and responded to his “administrator”

Egan Bernal became a trend again last Thursday because he criticized Gustavo Petro, who was compared to Gabriel García Márquez.

Likewise, the pedalist referred to the recordings that he revealed WEEK on the strategies implemented by the Historical Pact to discredit the other candidates. Likewise, he reminded the Cordovan of his past in the M-19.

“It takes him about 100 years of solitude to compare himself to Gabriel García Márquez. While he was beginning to write his first stories, you were part of a terrorist group. Now he wants to be president, discrediting even his own allies. There is no comparison,” he emphasized.

Faced with these statements, the leader of the Historical Pact did not remain silent and responded quickly on Twitter. However, he did not address the zipaquiño at any time.

The presidential candidate of the Historical Pact also took advantage of the moment to reiterate that he is increasingly sure that someone is behind the Tour de France champion’s account.

“To your administrator I tell him that it is precisely that the generations that have lived 100, 200, 500 years of solitude do have a second chance under the heavens of the earth”, Petro stated.