The curious story of how Lele Pons fell in love with Guaynaa

Lele Pons and Guaynaa make up one of the most beloved couples on social networks and then we will tell you how the Venezuelan did to conquer her boyfriend, a story that generated rejection on the networks.

Chayanne’s niece revealed in a podcast that a friendship arose between them when they met. However, with the passage of time, something else happened, but the two went around many times without specifying anything.

And when the singer decided to walk away she thought: “Okay, another guy I’m not interested in anymore” although after a while she experienced a great obsession that made her cry every night. That was how he put together a plan to conquer him.

In that idea, Sebastián Yatra was a fundamental part, since Pons asked him on several occasions to organize parties for her to meet Guaynaa.

These statements by the influencer did not go down very well with some users, who tried to “toxic” Y “manipulator” on Twitter, since according to them he did not respect the wish of the young man, who left very convinced.

Apparently the famous do not care much what the rest thinks, since they are seen more and more in love every day.