The day Arturo López Gavito criticized a song by Ana Bárbara at La Academia

MEXICO CITY, MEXICO.-In the last season of La Academia, the Honduran Angie Flores performed the popular song “I looked for it” by Ana Bárbara and the iron judge, Arturo Lopez Gavito, launched a harsh criticism.

Gavito assured that it was a “horrible” theme and “a bodrio” (something of very poor quality). He also questioned who composed the song. However, the iron judge assured that in Angie’s voice the subject experienced an interesting turn.

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Although it seemed that the controversy was there, Ana Bárbara rebuked Gavito. The artist came to the competition and took the opportunity to launch her claim.

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On that occasion, the presenter of that season -Adal Ramones- asked Ana about her new song and she replied: “My heart is a song that came out of this bandit heart, which is a duet with the great group Bronco and that although some judges think that some composers make songs that are a mess, with all due respect, sir (referring to Gavito), I want to tell you that the song “I looked for it” is a song that I wrote -because he commented that he did not know who made it- at one point very sad and you know it (he said to Adal) because you were with me and you let me present it on your program.

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“I hope they learn when they give a review to respect the work. It doesn’t matter if we don’t like it, one thing is to criticize and another is to offend, saying something with that authority that gives the power of that chair can be very painful and you can hurt feelings, that’s the only thing I’m going to tell you, with all my love I composed it,” he added.

Now, two years after this lawsuit, Ana Barbara and Arturo Lopez Gavito They will be companions in the jury of the Academy for 20 years.