the day Emmanuel Macron asked Stéphane Bern to intervene at Eurovision

A few days before the Eurovision contest, Stéphane Bern, who hosted the French broadcast last year, tells a tasty anecdote about the 2021 edition.

Big pressure for Stéphane Bern. The host, a specialist in crowned heads, who has repeatedly commented on the Eurovision Song Contest and Eurovision Junior, told M le Mag du Monde and at the BBChis emotions in the last edition, which crowned the Italian group Måneskin.

The host thus confides having received messages from Emmanuel Macron, urging him to “do something”.

“When Italy was winning, he sent me text messages to tell me to do something… As if I had the means to change the result!, he evokes with humor in the columns of the World this week.

The 2021 edition was marked by a terrible moment of suspense for France, ranked second thanks to Barbara Pravi and her title There. Suspected for a time of having consumed drugs on the set of the competition, which was held in Rotterdam, the Italians who arrived first, risked disqualification. Which would have given the victory to Barbara Pravi.

“I was getting so many messages”

During the wavering period that followed, France was careful not to intervene. “Whatever the result of the test, France has no intention of filing a complaint at all”, assured Delphine Ernotte, president of France televisions..

“It was quite a mess,” comments Stéphane Bern in an interview with the BBC. “I was getting so many messages on my phone, including from the French president – telling me that Måneskin should be disqualified and saying ‘you have to do something, please'”.

“The Minister for European Affairs [ndlr Clément Beaune], who was in Rotterdam for the contest was also sending me messages saying “What do we have to do? What do we have to do? Please do something”. But what could I have done? I am not the president of Eurovision”.

The day after the final, the minister had indicated on BFMTV to rely on the decision of the EBU, the European Broadcasting Union.

“Bad Players”

Two days after Eurovision, and before the results of the Italian screening test were known, Stéphane Bern was delighted with the second place of Barbara Pravi. “If France asked for the disqualification of Italy, we would be seen as bad players,” he reacted on BFMTV. “It would be a bad spirit to say that we were robbed of victory”.

France did well not to dispute the victory of the Italians. The result of the Måneskin singer’s drug test has finally cleared the doubts.