the day Gerard Butler sent Hilary Swank to the hospital on the set of PS I Love You

Hilary Swank and Gerard Butler attend the Hollywood Film Awards ceremony. (November 14, 2014.) Getty Images

Guest of the “Drew Barrymore Show”, Tuesday, January 24, the actor remembered an incident that occurred during the filming of the romantic comedy, in 2007.

The incident left him in tears (and in his underwear). Gerard Butler indeed reported on the set of the “Drew Barrymore Show”, on Tuesday January 24, how he had sent Hilary Swank to the hospitalin 2007. And this, during the filming of PS I Love You, by Richard LaGravenese. “She’s so cool, and it’s so great to work with her, that I almost killed her,” joked the actor, still not recovered from this misadventure.

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He thus evoked the backstage of a scene in which he dances “like an idiot” in his underpants, pulling on his suspenders. In this sequence, Gerard Butler was initially to take one of the clamps of said suspenders in the face, while undressing. All this, under the eyes of the film crew, equipped with plastic protections to protect themselves from this “so dangerous” accessory, he specifies with humor.

“It opened his forehead”

However, not everything went exactly as planned. “The clamp got stuck, then suddenly came off and flew over my head,” said Gerard Butler. It him (Hilary Swank, editor’s note) opened the forehead. You could even see one of the teeth of the alligator clip. She had to be taken to the hospital.” The film crew would then have disappeared “in three seconds”, leaving Gerard Butler speechless, in his underpants and in tears.

“I left a scar Hilary Swank, he continued. I almost knocked his eye out, and I made a fool of myself for two days.” Gerard Butler will therefore have to be extra careful if he participates in the second part of the romantic comedy, the shooting of which was announced in February 2020. It is not known for the moment if the actress of Million Dollar Babypregnant with twins and literally marked by her first experience, will make her big comeback in this new opus.

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