The day that José Eduardo and Vadhir Derbez parodied Las Perdidas on Tik Tok (VIDEO)

Mexico.- Nine months ago, the brothers Jose Eduardo Y Vadhir derbez parodied the excerpt from a live of Kimberly irene Y Wendy guevara, members of Las Perdidas, which won applause in Tik Tok.

And it is that Las Perdidas is a trio of youtubers who, with their experiences, which they share through this platform, have crossed borders and gained fame.

With their sense of humor, the Derbez brothers recreated a conversation in which Wendy asks Kimberly if she knows how to cut the broadcast on Youtube, to which she replies: ‘pos like this, bye Y already’, which causes her friend’s scolding.

In the audio, Vadhir assumed to be Wendy and José Eduardo Kimberly.

Kimberly Irene and Wendy Guevara are two of the members of Las Perdidas, famous youtubers who enjoy world fame. Photo: Instagram.

The video was shared on Tik Tok, but it not only caused laughter from its followers, but it went viral immediately.

The Lost ones went viral in 2017 due to a video they shared on YouTube in which they claimed that they were lost on a hill, hence their name.

Since then, they have broadcast to share their daily life, as a family, their work, and even give advice to their followers not only in Mexico, but also in Spanish.

Paolita Suárez, who is the third member of Las Perdidas, is currently concentrating on her role as an entrepreneur with the successful launch of her line of plus size shoes, aimed at trans girls.

Moment in which Wendy Guevara and Kimberly Irene talk about how to cut a transmission. Photo: Special.

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