The deep sadness of Benjamín Vicuña

Benjamin Vicuna he is a happy and satisfied man, both personally and professionally. However, there is a mark that he will have forever in his heart and that is the death of his only female daughter as a result of his relationship with Pampita Ardohain: White Vicuna. The girl died on September 8, 2012, at the age of six, as a result of hemorrhagic pneumonia.

Benjamin posted a video of Blanca playing in the sand on May 15, the day she would have turned 16. “Today time tells me that she is turning 16, the same time that evaporates memories with a cruelty not suitable for children. The time that accommodates and adorns. My girl woman who taught me how not to be afraid of death, my sweet girl who looked at the TV sideways, my inflatable princess, my enchanted elf, my angel with toy wings, ”began her harsh message on the networks. .