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They celebrate another year of marriage! What surprises were there? Megan of Sussex and Prince Henry are celebrating, because this Thursday, May 19, they celebrate their fourth wedding anniversary, a very important date that never goes unnoticed by their millions of followers and in which the media is very aware of every detail related with the media couple.

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It is also a day in which Meghan and Enrique show how detailed they are, as a source close to the Dukes of Sussex revealed to the magazine People, details are never lacking on your anniversarythat beyond having a material value, carry a sentimental and symbolic meaning for the couple.

Meghan and Enrique’s gifts for their anniversary

Meghan, 40, and Prince Harry, 37, traditionally celebrate their wedding anniversary by exchanging gifts. “They love to make their own version of traditional wedding gifts”said the informant. “The first anniversary was the Paper Wedding, and Meghan wrote the wedding speech and framed it for him”.

Meghan and Harry from Sussex on their wedding day.  (Photo: AFP)
Meghan and Harry from Sussex on their wedding day. (Photo: AFP)

On its second anniversary in 2020, both gave each other gifts based on ‘cotton’. Without a doubt, it was a very creative and romantic gesture, since all their gifts are for each other.or,” added the source.

the chosen material for its third anniversary it was leather, because it is something that only improves with the passing of the years. And this 2022, according to the source told the publication, the Dukes of Sussex they decided to give each other flowers and fruitas it represents the flowering and maturity of a relationship.

How do they celebrate their anniversaries?

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex usually spend your anniversary peacefully as a family, and this year they have even more to celebrate as it is their first anniversary as parents of two children. The couple welcomed their daughter Lilibet last June.

Just weeks before their first anniversary in 2019, Meghan and Harry welcomed son Archie. And they celebrated both milestones with Meghan’s mother, Doria Ragland., who came to the UK to meet his grandson. The family sat down to a traditional Sunday lunch before Doria flew back to Los Angeles.


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