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Catherine of Cambridge and Prince William saw a very special piece of art on Thursday: their first official joint portrait. Kensington Palace has shared through social networks the work of British artist Jamie Coreth that will be exhibited at the Fitzwilliams Museum.

The first joint portrait of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge was made in 2021 but until today it had not seen the light. The very protagonists of the work they traveled to the University of Cambridgespace in which the gallery is located, to see the result of the award-winning British artist.

According to the portraitist himself, the piece of art was commissioned by the Cambridgeshire Royal Portrait Fund as gift to the community of Cambridgeshire and his objective, being the first to carry out a work of these characteristics, was to show “a balance between their public and private lives”.

The details of the portrait

Despite the elegance reflected by the future heir to the British throne, in a dark suit and blue tie, The Duchess of Cambridge and the The Vampire’s Wife dress in metallic emerald and with sequins as protagonists, they manage to become the main attraction of the portrait of the royals.

The chosen design is one of his most praised garments by fashion critics. It is one of the most remembered by the followers of royal British since Catherine of Cambridge premiered it on a trip to Ireland in March 2020 and, as happened today, managed to capture all eyes.

British artist Jamie Coreth poses with his portrait of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.  (Photo: AFP)
British artist Jamie Coreth poses with his portrait of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. (Photo: AFP)

The nod to Diana of Wales

For the portrait, Catherine of Cambridge wanted to wink at Diana of Wales. The Duchess of Cambridge wore the Lady Di’s famous pearl earrings that she has worn so many times in the last decade and a pearl bracelet that the remembered Lady Di used in Hong Kong in 1989.

Likewise, the royal He wanted to keep the British monarch in mind and for the first time he has used a brooch that is part of the jewelery box of Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom: The dubbed the Duchess of Cambridge brooch honoring a predecessor, named Princess Augusta of Hesse-Kessel.

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