The director of Squid Game wants to try his hand at comedy by poking fun at the success of the series which made more than a billion views on Netflix

The director of Squid Game Hwang Dong-hyuk is on all fronts. Currently in the process of developing season 2 of the South Korean series, the director confided in Deadline about two new projects.

Victim of the success of the first season of Squid Game, which exploded records immediately after its release on Netflix in 2021, Hwang Dong-hyuk seems to be slightly overwhelmed by events: “Because of the success of the first season, I feel a lot of pressure”, to the point of saying “nightmares of season 2’s killer critics,” he said. And there is something: “I feel like I have been swept away by Niagara Falls for the past six months and have fallen off a cliff”. So many reasons that perhaps justify the difficulty encountered by the director in writing the screenplay. Having recently admitted to only having “three pages of ideas” for the long-awaited second season, he is now pushing back the deadline to Halloween 2024 when fans hoped to see the second installment land on Netflix by 2023.

But all these concerns do not prevent Hwang Dong-hyuk from thinking about two other projects. The former plans to be “even more violent” than Squid Game, a series where almost hundreds of people struggled to survive deadly children’s games, motivated by the hope of winning a huge amount of money. This feature film bears the working title of Killing Old Man’s Club and would be inspired by a novel by the Italian essayist Umberto Eco. As the title announces, the film would show how society is turning its back on the elderly. Against all expectations, Hwang Dong-hyuk wants to change register for his second project which promises to be much lighter. The director has indeed revealed to be in full reflection on a comedy provisionally baptized The Best Show on the Planet. This time it would be a satire that would make fun of the phenomenal success met by Squid Game overnight.

These projects, as tempting as they are, are only in their initial phase for the moment and there is no guarantee that they will really see the light of day.


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