the director’s SHOCK comments on his own death

Death: a subject that concerns Claude Lelouch

Fans of the director who are used to following his interviews for magazines or on TV sets know this: death is a subject he tackles easily. After all, it is probably the most universal subject there is since we are all concerned. But in Western society, we finally talk little about death. Because it symbolizes the end, sadness, mourning. But Claude Lelouch, he does not hesitate to talk about it, even if it scares him.

In September 2021, with AFP, he spoke about it with a certain lightness: “ We cannot escape it. So I prefer to go there singing. I want her to find me likeable. » Don’t think he’s not afraid of death though. It is even quite the opposite, he who has the ” stage fright as soon as he thinks about the end of his life. He does not hide it, this fear undoubtedly comes from the brutal death of his father, who lost his life in front of his son’s eyes: He died of a heart attack in my arms.

Claude Lelouch loves life but plans to choose the day of his death

The director returns to the fore in May with the release of “Tourner pour vivre”, a documentary that retraces seven years of his career, filmed by Philippe Azoulay. During an interview with La Nouvelle République, the director once again broached the subject of death.t, but with optimism (at the beginning, anyway) and a nice analogy with his passion, cinema:

I find energy in the fact that I love life and that it never ceases to surprise me. Every morning, I get up early so as not to miss the start of the film and I go to bed as late as possible to see as much of it as possible. I am a real janitor, curious about everything and as long as my brain can analyze, I will remain curious. »

However, and even if he is afraid to die, Claude Lelouch does not hide it, it is quite plausible that he chooses, one day, to die: “It is not impossible that I decide when I will leave”, he declares in Tourner pour vivre. He then insisted on specifying this sentence in the columns of La Nouvelle République: “ If I can do it, I will. The day when I will feel that I am a ball and chain. I’ve always pulled the plow, been a locomotive and if one day I feel like I’m pissing everyone off, I’ll leave. »

Choosing your death, a social debate

Claude Lelouch chooses his words well but we understand that he implies that he would commit suicide. There is no other way to choose one’s death than by suicide. But it can be assisted suicide, as is done in Switzerland or Belgium. In France, the practice is still prohibited. But the debate exists in society, and many French people are campaigning for the practice to become legal, so that everyone can leave this world with dignity.

Singer Françoise Hardy, seriously ill, did not hesitate to say that she was for assisted suicide. ” When my condition becomes even more unbearable, I will, alas, not have the relief of knowing that I can be euthanized. France is inhuman on this level“, she confided. This is the argument defended by people who want the practice to be possible in France. So that people who suffer can finally not suffer anymore. So that people who know that their state of health will deteriorate considerably can leave before seeing their life change.

It is a debate that is still open, not settled, and perhaps one day France will follow the example of Switzerland and Belgium.