The dispute over the stage name of Sonora Santanera continues – El Sol de México

The possession of the name Sonora Santanera is still in dispute. Gilberto Navarrate, general director of the Sonora Santanera de Carlos Colorado and María Fernanda, representing Yolanda Almazán, the widow of Carlos Colorado, founder of the orchestra, in an interview with El Sol de México, asks that they stop usurping the musical name, because they are the authentic holders of it, with the consent of Yolanda Almazán.

At the end of his performance at the closing concert of Juguetón 2023 at the TV Azteca facilities, Navarrete also requests that Paquita La del Barrio, who has made comments in favor of Arturo Ortiz and Antonio Méndez, directors of La Única and Original Sonora Santanera, “Better sit down and talk to Mrs. Yolanda for five minutes, she is not even aware of these comments from Paquita, because they would hurt her a lot, Mrs. Yolanda has even suffered attempts to dispossess her.

“We would not go against either Paquita or Sergio Mayer who support Arturo and Antonio, but it is very convenient that they learn more thoroughly, it is easier through digital platforms to find out about the Sonora Santanera issue. They do not have in-depth knowledge and make comments that are very sensitive, because they not only harm a family, but an institution such as the group, ”he describes in the talk.

Gilberto Navarrete declared that the only way to end the conflict over the reservation and trademarks of Sonora Santanera is “that justice must be done to the family of Carlos Colorado, that they return the musical heritage that he inherited from the widow Yolanda Almazan.

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“We expect their professionalism from them, with these actions that they do, they put their capital and the credibility of an institution at risk, but most importantly, that they give the place and the commercial name to whom it belongs and that they seek to unlink the name from Carlos Colorado to Sonora Santanera, it is somewhat illogical.

“It is true they are musicians, but the name was never assigned to them, so the Mexican Institute of Intellectual Property annulled their trademarks when the resolution of the Superior Court of Justice came out, where we won the demand for the reservation of rights.”