The doctors are on tour again: acclaimed concert

After two years of pandemic breaks, Die Ärzte are touring again. First it goes through locations in the capital.

the essentials in brief

  • With a frenetically celebrated concert, the Berlin band Die Ärzte (“Noise”) returned to the stage after a Corona break.

In the sold-out “Schokoladen”, drummer Bela B (59), guitarist Farin Urlaub (58) and bassist Rodrigo González (53) started their “Berlin Tour MMXXII” through clubs in the capital on Saturday evening. The concerts are a foretaste of the stadium tour starting in June with 20 performances in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Last year, the band, which became known as punk rockers, had to postpone a sold-out tour due to the corona and finally cancel it entirely.

During the two and a half hour concert, the self-proclaimed “best band in the world” used a lot of material from the most recent albums “Hell” and “Dunkel”, both of which were created during the Corona period and each ended up at number one in the charts. The albums also mark the end of years of crisis for the band, with many rumors of another split. There were also numerous older songs from the band’s 40-year history, such as “Young”, “As on the first day” or “How it works”. The 120 fans in the very small club had to wait in vain for mega hits like “Westerland” or “Schrei nach Liebe”.

The Berlin tour with 13 concerts in small clubs, halls and open-air stages is also intended as support for the scene in which the Berlin band has become known and grown after the pandemic phase, which has been difficult for many clubs.

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