The “Dog” Bermúdez leaves the microphones after Qatar 2022

The mythical Enrique Bermudez de la Sernabetter known as the “Bermudez dogAfter 44 exciting years as a sports commentator, he announced that he will retire after narrating the Qatar 2022 World Cup for Televisa, which will be held in November and December of next year.

He released this sad information to the fans last Thursday, March 24, during the preview of the Mexico vs. United States match, in this way, the 71-year-old commentator informed his followers that he decided to say goodbye to his career in the Mexican television and thanked them for accompanying him over so many years.

The news dismayed the viewers because the so-called “Dog” Bermudezhas marked entire generations of sports fans and is an icon of national journalism.

Surely his extensive legacy in the World Cups will remain in the hearts of all those to whom his voice narrated the most important moments of sport in Mexico and will be immortalized by his unforgettable phrases.

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“Dog” Bermúdez leaves the microphones after Qatar 2022. Source: Instagram

At the end of the match Mexican teamaccompanied by his partner Paco Villasaid goodbye to the World Cups and his extensive career by saying the following words:

In Qatar, which will be my 12th World Cup, I have 11 World Cups. At 44 years old I say goodbye to the World Cups.

At the news, a large number of Internet users were shocked but also recognized that it was necessary for him to “slow down”, as “Perro” himself expressed that it was prudent considering his age.

The commentator also showed his great gratitude to Televisa, a company that gave him the opportunity to watch a large number of games and believed in his full potential. And he also addressed a few words to his beloved family.

First of all, I want to thank the Lord Jesus Christ, my family, Leticia, Vadhir, Jordana; Many times they didn’t see me, I wasn’t with them, I didn’t have that satisfaction. To my colleagues, to the Televisa Univisión companies and to you, the public; Without the public, I would have done absolutely nothing.

With great affection and nostalgia we remember that Enrique Bermudez he undertook his journey as a World Cup narrator for the first time in 1978, which was held in Argentina.

Later it was also present at the World Cups in Spain (1982), Mexico (1986), Italy (1990), United States (1994), France (1998), Korea-Japan (2002), Germany (2006), South Africa (2010) , Brazil (2014), and finally in the already past World Cup in Russia in 2018.