The dog that went viral for his reaction when Gustavo Petro was named

The content that can be seen on social networks can be of any type and, in addition, generates hundreds of interactions by netizens. A dog has earned thousands of views by being recorded by his owner, who mentioned that he would vote for the candidate for the presidency of the Historical Pact, Gustavo Petro.

“I am going to vote for Petro”, says the man to the dog, which responds with signs that seem to show disapproval of its owner’s decision.

Every time the subject confessed to his pet, it responded with barks and growls that drove him out of control. In addition, she began to show his fangs and teeth, as if she wanted to bite him.

Initially, the calm quadruped is seen, on the legs of who would be its owner. However, when the man says “I am going to vote for Petro”, the behavior of the animal changes; in fact, he prefers to get down on the ground and start barking at you.

The audiovisual piece, which was shared on TikTok, accumulates more than 20 thousand likes and hundreds of comments.

“Dog that Petro doesn’t like very intelligent”, “I love you antipetrista puppy”, “that’s how the opponents are, they bark but they don’t give valid arguments”, “they know when something bad is coming” and “Petro has already won”, are some of the most relevant perceptions that can be read in the comments tray of the visual piece.

It should be noted that last Sunday, March 13, the legislative elections that defined the representatives of the Chamber and Senate were held. In addition, Colombians were able to exercise their right to vote and choose their preferred candidate in the presidential elections, depending on the coalition or political party.

Gustavo Petro was the great winner of the day, he won the consultation for the Historical pact. In second place was Federico ‘Fico’ Gutiérrez from Team for Colombia and, although he was not the third place of the most voted, regarding the coalition of the center Esperanza, the chosen one was Sergio Fajardo.

The political route has already begun and SEMANA has been following the pulse of the country, proposals, preferences, alternatives and any factor that affects the decision of the first presidential round in May.

In addition to this, a few days ago the first presidential debate of WEEK and Time, After inquiries, live streaming has become a trend across all corners of the internet. He was thankful for the work of each newsroom and, of course, for the disposition of the general directors of the media, Vicky Dávila and Andrés Mompotes, who assumed the role of moderators.

Here you can see the entire intervention in which Gustavo Petro, Federico ‘Fico’ Gutiérrez and Ingrid Betancourt were the ones facing each other:

The country is in revolt due to the serious accusations of several candidates about alleged electoral fraud, in the elections to Congress on March 13, made President Iván Duque react and take forceful actions to transmit reliability in the Colombian electoral system.

Thus, the president reported this Saturday that he will convene an electoral guarantees table for next Tuesday, March 22, in order to respond to all the concerns that have been generated in the face of possible failures in the Senate elections.

Duque explained that the discussion scenario was created in the face of the controversial situations that have arisen in some parts of the territory in recent days, with the votes to the Senate, and that implies the process of pre-counting and scrutinizing votes. “This table is made up of the electoral organization, the Registrar’s Office and the National Electoral Council, representatives of the Government, and of the political parties and observers,” he added.