The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge arrive in Jamaica and visit Bob Marley’s house

The Dukes of Cambridge started this Tuesday, March 22, the second part of his tour of the Caribbean on the occasion of Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee, which celebrates seven decades on the British throne this year. From Belize, Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge they landed in Jamaica around half past two in the afternoon (local time), and as soon as they got off the ladder of the British Armed Forces plane in which they traveled, greeted the dignitaries. Former Miss World Lisa Hanna of the People’s Nation Party, Opposition Leader Mark Golding, Senator Kamina Johnson Smith and Defense Chief of Staff Rear Admiral Antonette Wemess Gorman, They were waiting for you at the foot of the runway at Norman Manley International Airport in Kingston, the nation’s capital.

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– The Duchess of Cambridge, a rising value in the British Royal House

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This first day in the country was frantic, because without wasting almost an instant the Duke and Duchess visited some of the emblematic places of the island such as the neighborhood where Trench Town, hometown of reggae legend Bob Marley. There the mythical song was born No woman no cry and, of course, it was impossible for the couple not to let themselves be conquered by music. They have already shown in Belize that they have no problem jumping on the dance floor to show how well they move, although now in Jamaica they were the ones who set the pace. Sitting in front of some traditional drums, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge brought out their most spontaneous side before the attentive gaze of the Jamaicans. The next stop on your tour it was more sporty then met with the bobsled team, a sport in which a huge sled slides through an ice tunnel, to experience what it feels like in this particular “vehicle”. The Duke and Duchess made one of the images of the day with them, as they all posed together for a selfie.

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The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge took a selfie with the Jamaican bobsled teamSEE GALLERY

The day continued with sports, as it was time to touch the ball. As a player, Prince William played a soccer match with a local team under the watchful eye of Kate, who had changed the outfit in which he landed in the country for a colorful strapless dress. The couple received greetings from the people who crowded the streets of Trench Town before finishing an intense day. Upon her arrival in Jamaica, the Duchess chose a very significant styling: a spectacular yellow flared dress with a bow on the shoulder, a clear nod to the host country for the chosen tone is one of the highlights of the Jamaican flag. She wore it with white slingback pumps with gold trim and a matching clutch bag. Kate Middleton She opted to tie her hair up in a ponytail. a very well chosen hairstyle and very practical to face the gale with which the Caribbean country received them.

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The Dukes were received with all honors. prince william reviewed the Jamaican Army formed in their honor as they sounded hymns from both countries. The Duke and Duchess’ first stop in Kingston was a reception with the Governor General, Patrick Linton Allen, who represents the figure of the monarch in the country, and his wife, Denise Allen, a meeting that It was produced in King’s House, your official residence. “We are very pleased to welcome you. We are very fortunate in Jamaica that the Queen has visited us six times,” the Governor General told the royal couple. And he wasn’t the only member of the British Royal Family to do so: Prince Harry was also in the Caribbean country on behalf of Elizabeth II in 2012on the occasion of the Diamond Jubilee, and in the acts that he carried out during his stay in Jamaica dared to have a race with Usain Bolt, the fastest man in the world, and also met Bob Marley’s widow with whom he melted into a hug. During Tuesday’s meeting, Patrick Linton asked Prince William to fulfill a duty on behalf of his grandmother: an investiture of Jubilee medals, in honor of the careers of the heads of the various emergency services and the medical director.

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The Prince and Duchess arrived in the Jamaican capital hours after activists gathered outside the High Commissioner’s residence in Kingston to call for the UK to apologize and pay reparations for slavery, Elizabeth II’s grandson is believed to be could make some reference to it during your stay. the royal couple will celebrate the culture and history of the island during a two-day visit before flying to the Bahamas on Thursday. The trip to Jamaica coincides with the 60th anniversary of the independence of this territory as a British colony and with the celebration of the Platinum Jubilee of the monarch Elizabeth II.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge arrive in Jamaica SEE GALLERY

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On this Tuesday morning The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge officially said goodbye to Belize after three intense days full of visits and activities immersing yourself in the customs and culture of the country. The Prince and Duchess traveled by helicopter to Philip S. W Goldson International Airport, where they said goodbye to their hosts and greeted the cameras before boarding the plane that would take them, after a two-hour flight, to Jamaica for continue his journey on behalf of the Queen of England. For the journey Kate chose a jacket vintage, by Yves Saint Laurent, in orange and white palazzo pants with matching accessories. We talked about her Mulberry tote bag and some pumps sling-back with gold details, a style that changed before his arrival in Kingston. They were unforgettable days for the royal couple where they danced a typical dance, they went into the jungle like two true explorers and they elaborated with their own hands the traditional Mayan chocolate, among other things, a few days that will remain in his memory.

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