The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge bid farewell to their tour of the Caribbean surrounded by children and with those affected by Hurricane Dorian

The dukes of cambridge end this saturday its intense caribbean tour which, for a week, has taken them to countries such as Belize, Jamaica and the Bahamas to commemorate Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee. On their last day of travel, Prince William and Kate Middleton have traveled to the Abaco Islands to show your total Support for those affected by Hurricane Dorian that hit the place two and a half years ago. The couple has been able to see first-hand how its inhabitants are still struggling to rebuild an area that was practically devastated by a natural disaster that, unfortunately, took the lives of more than two hundred people. It was in September 2019 when heavy rains and winds of up to 300 kilometers per hour caused a landscape of destruction from which its citizens are still trying to recover.

Kate Middleton’s style marathon continues in the Bahamas

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was without a doubt one of the most emotional stops of the Dukes on their tour of Central America, their visit to the Evangelical Church Daystar to listen to the testimonies of the people who suffered all that. Wearing a long light pink dress, Prince William’s wife sat next to her husband in the main room of the temple in front of a large group of people, including local authorities and religious responsible for the place. Subsequently, they have also gone through the so-called Memorial Garden, garden with sculptures that was raised in its day to remember all the victims fatalities caused by the storm surge. There, in an act full of symbolism, Kate Middleton has deposited a beautiful bouquet of flowers under a large tombstone that pays tribute to the deceased. In that same place, another of the most endearing moments was experienced when the Duchess bent down to greet a child very sweetly who had come with his mother to welcome them.

Drenched to the bone! The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge compete in a sailing regatta in the rain in the Bahamas

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The hosts also wanted to show their guests the impact that climate change is having on the country, something that, as we know, seriously worries the Prince and his wife. In this sense, both have attended in Grand Bahama the Coral Vita Headquartersan organization that last September won one of the prestigious Earthshot Awards promoted by the grandson of Elizabeth II. Environmental awards that, in this case, recognized the innovative work of some professionals whose objective is preserve threatened ecosystems and alleviate the effects of global warming on the world’s oceans.

‘Royal date’ in Jamaica: the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge show their most paternal side on a bittersweet day

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It has been a day of emotions and far-reaching issues in which the Duke and Duchess have time for other more relaxed experiences, such as when savored the tasty culinary delights of Abaco or drank the refreshing coconut water. They have gone through a so-called Fish Frand, a typical open-air establishment where not only fish is fried but they also prepare one of the islands’ favorite dishes: snail salad. To complete this last day of the Caribbean tour, Prince William and Kate Middleton have come to the Children’s Home of Grand Bahama, which since 1977 cares for and cares for more than nine hundred children every day who cannot live with their families. Received in the scent of crowds, the couple has transmitted their affection to all of them and also chatted with the center’s staff, who have told them how they provide a safe and pleasant environment for the most vulnerable people.

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