The Ecuadorian Lion Armas lives his dream of singing and acting in a Spanish series; he now hopes to be able to perform live on stages in his country | People | Entertainment

Three years ago, the strength and particularity of his voice not only conquered renowned judges, such as Luis Fonsi, Paulina Rubio and Karol G.but also to an entire audience that followed The voice, from Antenna 3 (Spain), where he was struggling to be the winner. Since then, Lion Weapons He was adding ―without intending to do so― a community that follows his work to the present day, in which singing and acting flow, stealing his sleep ―literally.

“How do you feel now, Lion?” “I think I’m a bit sleepy (laughs). I sleep little, doing nothing that I don’t like and that doesn’t make me happy”answers the Guayaquil native very honestly in an interview for this newspaper.

The 22-year-old Ecuadorian has lived in Spain since 2007; This is due to a bit of his Spanish accent. But he assures that his heart is still as guayaco as the bolón de verde that he loves so much and declares as his favorite dish right now.

His stage name is the union of his two surnames: León Armas. While his first name is Joel. “Very few people know”, he confesses while blushing a little.

Lion Armas, Ecuadorian singer. Photo taken from @lionarmas.

Music continues to be the engine of his artistic life. Less than a week ago she released the video clip of her long-awaited song ravens, a pop ballad that fuses melancholy and nostalgia in a song that sings to that person who has probably loved in silence and who is no longer there. ravens was born in 2017, because I went through a slightly painful situation, very similar to what the theme of the song explains. I think that the first lines that come out in the song, removing the chorus, was a bit thrown up: I got home after work and it came out supernatural. Then, over the years, I finished it”says the artist.

In the same way, he is the author of other topics, such as turn around Y Pqtdnqnss (means ‘Why do I tell you no, yes’), also released recently and that he plans to put together in a single EP in the future, marking of course the versatility of genres and styles in it. “For now, the thought is to take out two singles every three weeks,” he says.

“The essence of this EP or album is to show Lion making songs, not making a specific genre. That people can listen to Lion Armas in different styles and that, regardless of the genre, style or mix it is, it is noticed that it is Lion Armas. The essence is in the way of interpreting it and in the way of singing it”express.

—With nostalgia as a flag?— “It’s not that he’s a crybaby doing lyrics, but I do think he has that nostalgic part”it states.

He says that his greatest dream is the public, live, on stage. “A very important point for me, apart from being able to release the following songs that I have, is being able to receive the feedback of the public, and to be able to do concerts very soon”.

For this reason, he does not rule out visiting his country as soon as he receives a musical invitation. “I would find it very nice if I returned to Ecuador with the excuse that, apart from seeing my family, it would be for my music”point.

He accepts that every emerging artist like him dreams of singing with his idols, but he knows that in this world everything is little by little. “Artists whom I admire there are many; but, being honest, what I can get right now is to collaborate with artists I know. I am close to and I also admire Andrés Ochoa or Zheit, who are also Ecuadorians. In fact, with Ochoa we have started a production”He says.

He says that his love for music comes from his family, specifically his great-grandmother. “When I lived in Ecuador, my father, my grandmothers, my aunts played music constantly. One point with which I got very close to music was when my great-grandmother took me to church and there was a choir that I got into and started singing”recounts.

He not only carries his country in his blood or in his heart, he is also present in several of the comments left for him on his social networks; more than one compatriot expresses his congratulations and admiration for his music. I have been moved many times seeing how people who do not know you, simply because they were born in the same country as you, support you and live it. And I think that’s way above anything”, reveals.

“Outside of the patriotic feeling, I have a lot to be thankful for the much selfless and real love that I have felt”Add.

His acting debut

Lion Armas is part of the series ‘To be or not to be’, by RTVE.

The sweet, delicate and focused of his personality has been captured in Ricky, the first character he brings to life in a television series. Lion Armas debuts as an actor in To be or not to beseries that RTVE premiered a week ago on its Playz youth platform. The plot deals with transsexuality in adolescence.

“This series, regardless of the main theme, which is the vision of a trans boy making the transition, I think it speaks many things and many things that young people always go through are reflected. For example, the fact of identifying yourself: what you are, what you feel, what you like, what you don’t like…”describes Lion.

The guy from Guayaquil plays Joel’s best friend, the main character. “This character returns from a vacation in Ecuador and, when he arrives in Spain, he sees his friend Joel very changed physically, because he has already started traveling; and he collides with that reality, because now that he sees him as a boy he begins to have feelings beyond friendship ”delimit.

Without a doubt, it is a stage in his life that he enjoyed a lot. “When I started filming the series, I realized that at that moment I was doing the two things I like the most, which are acting and making music. (…) I feel like I’m fulfilling a dream”.

Lion considers that productions like these contribute to the normalization of issues such as homosexuality, transsexuality and more. “There are people who do not understand these things. When we were presenting the series at the Malaga Festival, there was a mother of a trans boy who got up and thanked the director and the creator of the series”, he recalls.

The series can be seen in Ecuador at or on the Playz mobile platform. (I)