The eldest daughter of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt surprises by changing her look: Shiloh stops being blonde and dyes her hair pink | People | Entertainment

Since his birth, Shiloh Jolie-Pitt he was always in the spotlight of everything Hollywoodand it is not for less when he has for parents Angelina Jolie Y Brad Pitt.

The teenager is the biological firstborn product of the union between one of the most beloved couples by American entertainment, Jolie-Pitt.

Even though the 15-year-old still hasn’t followed in her parents’ footsteps in acting, she does excel at dance and likes to rock different looks.

Angelina Jolie’s daughter, Shiloh and her new look

According to the Herald Usa review, apart from the great resemblance to her parents, and the fusion of beauty between the physical characteristics of her parents, Shiloh always stands out for her radical looks changes that leave more than one surprised.

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On this occasion, she was seen with a shade of pink hair, very different from her natural dark blonde that she inherited from her father, Brad Pitt.

Shiloh was photographed enjoying a coffee in a very pleasant and fun way starbucksin Studio City, Californiawhile accompanied by a friend.

In the Photographs The new hair color that the young woman wears is appreciated, with her usual style of collected hairstyle where you can see the pink sparkles in her hair, according to Good Show on its website.

The fifteen-year-old was very relaxed wearing a sports outfit that included baggy pants and a vintage black hoodie, as well as a bag on her back and white Nike Air Force sneakers.

This bold new style made it quite clear that Shiloh likes to experiment when it comes to her looks. And an example was when she was seen on the red carpet of “Eternals” with her mother and brothers, wearing a dress and earrings with a outfits very feminine and youthful.

It should be remembered that when Shiloh was younger, she liked to wear more masculine clothes, as well as haircuts associated with men, so there was talk that the young woman could be suffering from an identity disorder called “gender dysphoria”. , but this changed and already shows her feminine outfits. (AND)

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