the embarrassment of a Karol G fan who shaved her microphone in the middle of the concert

Karol G rose to international fame with the work he has done since his inception in the national industry. Her time with the Reykon team, as well as her collaborations with great stars such as J Balvin and Maluma, pushed her to cross barriers and position herself as one of the most influential women in the urban genre today.

Little by little, he made steady progress on the international scene, to the point of sharing shows with artists such as Tiësto, Becky G, Ozuna, Nicki Minaj, Anuel AA, Nicky Jam and Mariah Angeliq. Her voice conquered a diverse audience, making a mark with her female empowerment and her song lyrics.

Given the boom that the paisa had with its Bichota Tourthe eyes of the curious rested on the new tour carried out by the United States, which bears the name Strip Love Tour. Each of the presentations of this project left its mark on the attendees, who recorded iconic moments in videos and photos.

Recently, after surprising her audience with a Ferrari flying through one of the places where she appeared, the Colombian aroused all kinds of reactions among the curious with the gestures she had with the spectators of her concerts. In addition to giving gifts and details, the woman from Antioquia interacted with various people, showing the affection she has for each one of those who supported her in her career.

However, a TikTok video drew attention among social network users, due to the “embarrassment” that a person who was in the public experienced. The celebrity approached a group of fans who were in the front rows, looking for someone to sing the lyrics of her song with her. Boat.

A woman, who was very excited, shaved off the “Bichota” microphone to continue singing, but ended up having an awkward moment when she forgot the lyrics. The singer received the object again and asked him, before the others present, to learn the song.

No, my love, you have to learn it well”, Said the paisa into the microphone, so the reaction of laughter from the other spectators was heard in the background.

Karol G had an emotional and noble gesture with a small fan in the middle of the show

Another of the experiences that stole the hearts of the fans, weeks ago, was the one that the woman from Antioquia lived with a small fanatic, who managed to fulfill one of her greatest wishes with the Colombian.

According to what was recorded in a clip that was broadcast on social networks such as Facebook and Instagram, the celebrity decided to stop the show he was giving to fulfill a dream for a little girl who was in the audience. The singer asked for silence and praised her fan, assuring that she saw her singing all the songs very excited.

Karol G pointed out that a father was telling him that his daughter, with Down syndrome, wanted to take a picture with her, so he was going to grant her that wish in the middle of the show. The Colombian asked them to bring the girl closer and so she took her up on stage so they could spend a few minutes together.

“Come here. Sorry, I’ve seen her the whole show. There is a little person who has really sung and has shouted more than many of those who are here, and although he is a little far away, we are going to wait and give him a little time until he gets here and they are going to take my picture with him because the father tells me that she wants the photo”, he assured.

The assistants opened space and helped the little girl to reach the stage, so that the interpreter of Catwoman He picked her up and sat her on his lap. Karol G hugged her and consented, posing both for the photograph they longed for so much.

Once they captured the moment, the ‘Bichota’ began to sing Cobcapturing how her fanatic also enjoyed listening to her live and direct.

“Hello, mommy,” said the paisa at the time of receiving the girl on stage, where she sat her next to her in front of the entire audience that was in the place.