The emotional message of pride that Lincoln Palomeque published in networks

The renowned actor Lincoln Palomeque has always shown his love for his children and his family through social networks; In fact, recently, the cucuteño actor published in them an emotional message to his eldest son, Matías.

Through his Instagram account, Palomeque recorded his little son in his swimming class and felt very proud by him for an emotional message he left for one of the class teachers. It should be noted that the teachers were saying goodbye to the children.

In the message, the teacher says goodbye to Matías, who had told her that he wanted to be a singer and animal caretaker. He also highlighted the curious talks he had with others and the love he showed to his groupmates.

“Today we say goodbye to our future singer and animal caretaker, always leaving in our hearts those moments of joy that you shared in musical greetings, while you sang and danced your favorite songs (…) The way you express yourself with animals, nature and that visible spirit makes you always willing to help people who need it; we will miss your pleasant talks about dinosaurs, insects and about the Amazon that you love, we will miss you”, says the teacher and at the end she also sees the actor.

The actor did not hesitate to record the emotional farewell and to show the pride he feels for his son and the person he is. “Too proud of you”, “How nice how they talk about you. Love you; how they love you, my little gentleman ”, were the words that he shared.

Lincoln Palomeque met with James in Miami

James Rodríguez, who has not yet defined which club he will play for next season, continues to enjoy his vacations in the United States; For this reason, he recently attended a game of the Miami Marlins, a baseball team that plays in the Major Leagues.

Although he did not show at any time who he was with, the soccer player of the Colombian National Team went to the stadium of the North American squad in the company of actor Lincoln Palomeque, with whom he has been friends for years.

The artist, in the same way, surprised his followers this weekend and He shared a video next to the coffee midfielder. In addition, he indicated that they enjoyed the meeting together.

Through Instagram stories, the renowned actor showed that the Cucuteño midfielder appeared on the stadium’s giant screen. However, he showed that the camera also captured him while enjoying the game.

“Watching the Marlins, 3-0 up. Come on, James Rodríguez”, wrote the Nortesantanderean artist in the recording, It quickly went viral on social media.

The national team player has also been a trend in recent days because he would be dating the famous actress Kimberly Reyes, who recently announced that she had separated from her husband.

Mary Mendez, host of The net (Snail Television), He spoke this weekend on the gossip show about a romance between the soccer player and the renowned artist.

“There is a relationship right now between Kimberly Reyes, a coastal woman who is separated, and James Rodríguez. We cannot confirm what kind of relationship it is. They try to keep everything as private as possible.” the journalist specified.

The presenter finally explained that the coffee flyer is a fan of the actress and model, this is because she gives a lot of ‘I like’ to the photographs and different content that the barranquillera posts through her social networks.