The emotional publication of Paulina Rubio towards her mother, after announcing that she has cancer

In the last hours it has been announced that Susana Dosamantesfamous Mexican actress and mother of Paulina Rubio has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

In Miami, where the artist currently resides, there were many rumors that were circulating about the alleged health problems she was going through.

So that finally, Susana’s son and Paulina’s brother, Release a statement specifying what illness you are going through and where you are being treated.

Once the suspicions are confirmed, Paulina paid tribute to her mother through a publication on her Instagram account. Opening her most personal album of hers, the artist wrote an emotional open letter that in a matter of hours He has received many encouraging comments towards Susana.

“Mommy, strong woman, that’s how you’ve shown me since I was born. Always warm, with integrity and with an imposing personality. Nothing ever stops you. Together we will get ahead My faith in your speedy recovery is unshakable. You are in very good hands, I know that the doctors who treat you do so with their hearts. Susana I don’t need to tell you because you already know I LOVE YOU and we will keep smiling and walking hand in hand. I know that the light and prayers of all of us who love you are with you. Bobe your grandchildren love you. All together from your beautiful mommy hand “, the golden girl posted.