The end of Captain Jack Sparrow? and five other news from the world of entertainment

Johnny Depp has been in the public eye after the end of the high-profile court case that pitted him against his ex-wife Amber Heard.

When he was accused of various abuses, one of the consequences was his departure from the Pirates of the Caribbean saga in the enigmatic role of Captain Jack Sparrow. After the resolution of the lawsuit and the fact that he was acquitted due to Heard’s complaints against him, it was rumored that he could return to this role, for which he was consolidated in the cinema.

But he himself denied it. “That was invented,” said one of the actor’s representatives, alluding that there is no contact with Disney for a return to the most famous pirate saga. However, he stated that nothing is ruled out for the future, although Depp himself had previously said that he did not plan to return.

The closest one

Carlos Vives and his friend, the singer Shakira
Carlos Vives and his friend, the singer Shakira – Photo: Getty Images

“Definitely, yes, I feel sad,” Colombian singer Carlos Vives said of his friend, musical star Shakira, after her separation from Spanish FC Barcelona footballer Gerard Piqué, after a relationship that lasted more than ten years.

The artist affirmed that, in addition to noticing the sadness of the Barranquilla, it was a very difficult moment, especially when “he has such a beautiful family.”

Vives distanced himself from the rumors that talk about some infidelity on the part of the athlete and referred to him as a “decent” and “educated” person. He only pointed out that the singer was sad, without going into details.

This, remembering that both artists have been friends for many years, and a couple of months ago Vives composed a song, Currambera, in tribute to Shakira.

the king of internet

Ibai Llanos
Ibai Llanos – Photo: Getty Images

The Spanish streamer Ibai Llanos was crowned the king of the internet over the weekend. The massive boxing event called La Velada del Año II, organized by Llanos and his team at the Palau Olimpic in Badalona, ​​achieved a simultaneous virtual audience of 3 million people.

The show, which had only amateur boxers, had an audience close to, and even higher than, that of some professional events in this discipline.

The transmission of the streamer, just 27 years old, broke all the records of the Twitch platform, ranking as one of the most massive and broadcast on the internet. La Velada positions Ibai as one of the most important Spanish-speaking influencers in the world.

Movie in limbo?

Ezra Miller
Ezra Miller- Photo: Getty Images

The American actor Ezra Miller is still far from leaving the public spotlight after the multiple scandals and accusations against him, among which are charges of manipulation, harassment and abuse of minors.

As a consequence of this, Warner Bros. did not present the movie The Flash at the Comic-Con in San Diego, in the United States, in addition to having withdrawn the actor from the Justice League, so now it remains in doubt whether the film will even be released on its expected date next year.

The possibility of canceling it completely is mentioned if the scandals against the actor continue to grow, after several complaints that try to corroborate if Miller committed a serious crime.

The future of DC superhero movies could be in the hands of justice.

“It’s not like before”

Woody Allen
Woody Allen – Photo: Getty Images

The famous actor and film director Woody Allen announced his retirement from the big screen. In a long interview with fellow actor Alec Baldwin, He stated that the seventh art is no longer one of his main passions.

“Cinema is less pleasant for me,” said the 86-year-old artist, who has directed almost a hundred films and won several Oscars for his productions.

“It’s not like when I got into the movie business, I don’t enjoy it as much and I don’t have as much fun”Allen said, referring to the rise of streaming platforms and how ephemeral films have become, lasting only “two or three weeks in theaters.”

Allen stated that he would, however, make just one more film and devote himself to writing.

breaking lockers

Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise- Photo: Getty Images

Tom Cruise has broken the global cinema box office with his new premiere, Top Gun: Maverick. The 59-year-old actor’s film famous for the Mission Impossible saga and for doing all of his action scenes without using a stunt doublegrossed over $1 billion at the worldwide box office.

Despite the commercial success of many of his films, this new release represents a milestone in the artist’s career, as it became his first film to reach the exorbitant figure less than a week after its release.

Top Gun, produced by Paramount Pictures, is the second most successful of the production company, ranking only behind the famous Titanic.

In addition, this is the second film in the post-pandemic era to collect this figure at the global box office. A Cruise record wherever you look at it.