the ex-Miss France again in the hospital, revelations

Vaimalama Chaves and her companion, Nicolas Fleury, have been in a relationship since 2020. They met at a gala organized by the School of Arts and Crafts, the school where her lover studied. But it is not for his engineering studies that the young man is known today. Or even simply because he is in a relationship with one of the most beautiful women in France. Indeed, Nicolas Fleury is world champion in team cycling. But he is also crazy about mountain biking, BMX and tricks of all kinds. Vaimalama Chaves therefore regularly finds his companion covered in bruises and abrasions. That said, she does not hide her pride in having a companion who lives from his passion and who makes efforts to achieve his ambitions.

The lovebirds are doing well and on their respective Instagram accounts, it is possible to imagine how much in love they are with each other. Nevertheless, Objeko assures you that Vaimalama Chaves would undoubtedly appreciate, like Nicolas Fleury elsewhere, do without these recurring visits to the hospital. Indeed, as reported by our colleagues from the magazine Audiencethe former Miss France and her lover went there again on May 3.

Our former Miss France is in a relationship with a daredevil

Vaimalama Chaves knew that she risked seeing her lover in plaster when she discovered her passion for aerial tricks on a bicycle. But those who know the beauty know that she is not the type to be shy. Indeed, not only extreme sports do not seem to scare her, she is also a real challenger. It is therefore necessary to believe that the young woman and her lover have found each other well.

Vaimalama Chaves fans also know that it is important for her to be fulfilled in her love life. In effect, Objeko don’t hide from you that his frankness let show his need for reassurance on that side. Because, at the turn of an interview, she had explained that her first heartache had made her lose a lot of weight. She was only able to eat every three or four days. This is to say how much she must be invested body and soul when she is in love. And obviously, the public can only wish that the idyll between Vaimalama Chaves and Nicolas Fleury lasts forever!

Vaimalama Chaves accompanies Nicolas Fleury to the hospital?

This Tuesday, May 3, 2022, the companion of Vaimalama Chaves had a good scare. “Sometimes I tell myself that I’m looking for problems with what I’m doing on my bike (…) Nice fall, head landing. A nice big wound, very deep behind the ear that deserves a little sewing! », explained Nicolas Fleury to his subscribers, on Instagram. Enough to show a fear of stress among his fans. But you should also know that his fans are used to seeing him perform impressive stunts.

“After a few hours spent in the emergency room and a bit of sewing right and left on my skull, I am finally home and everything is fine! Thank you to the nurses and doctors, we can never say it enough. », specified Nicolas Fleury. And contrary to what the media might have believed, Vaimalama Chaves was not with her lover during this misadventure. Nevertheless, she closely followed all the important details and found a way to make him smile from a distance.

Finally, fans of Vaimalama Chaves’ companion have no doubt that these stitches were not going to prevent him from taking risks again quickly. Indeed, as soon as it was allowed to him, he was back on his bike trying to perform acrobatic tricks each crazier than the next. It was not then necessary to wait very long for the companion of our former Miss France to be injured again. The next one took place on May 6th. But Objeko can however tell you that he did not go back to the emergency room.

Maybe because he didn’t want to miss the return of his beloved? Either way, he was asking internet users for advice by showing them a picture of his blue, swollen wrist. Vaimalama Chaves will undoubtedly ensure that her lover receives the necessary care. And if this is not the case, she responds to his calls for help and carries his things for him to go down the stairs, for example.