the exercise with which you tone your legs and lift your buttocks at 50

Jennifer Garner She is not only a great actress, she also inspires women with her spectacular and toned figure at 50 years old.

And it is that the famous enjoys an incredible body, with some toned legs and buttocks, that everyone wishes they had.

However, it is not impossible to achieve it, nor do you have to operate, because Jennifer owes it to one exercise in particular.

And it is that he practices a pilates exercise, which helps her to increase her buttocks and tone her legs, and although it requires a lot of physical effort, it is fun and the results are incredible.

This is how Jennifer Garner tones buttocks and legs at 50

The actress shared on his social networks one of the high-impact routines he practices, in which he uses a cash register.

In the video you see Jennifer with her friend Beth Nicely doing this exercise in which she takes a small jump to the top of the box, and repeats it four times with both legs.

Then, he does it on one foot, sideways, like surfing, and he does it as fast as he can, toning his legs and glutes, and doing cardio.

“Wow I don’t know how she can do this at 50, I can’t at 30”, “OMG this woman is incredible”, “what a level Jenn, you are the best”, “I gasped watching this”, and “OMG What a difficult routine, you really admire ”, were some of the reactions in networks.

Furthermore, the protagonist of If I had 30 loves dance and skate which also helps you burn calories and stay fit in your 50s.

And of course you have a great diet, and a whole exercise routine that allows you to look spectacular, and like 20 or 30, becoming an inspiration for women.