The expensive gift that Jhonny Rivera gave to one of his musicians

On December 24, Jhonny Rivera and his team were traveling for one of his shows, however, the artist did not miss this special date and surprised his musicians. “As it is Christmas, he caught us on the road on December 24, we are here traveling and I told them that I am going to give them this. I’m not going to say how much is here.” he started saying.

Rivera wanted to give them a lot of money but in a fair way, so through a video he showed the dynamics he did with everyone. The idea was that his colleagues would put their IDs in a black bag, the last one left would take the biggest prize.

After taking out and taking out, the last one was left, who between laughs, joy and almost tears began to fan as if she were hot, with the wad of 50 thousand bills. It is worth mentioning that she was not the only winner, since later, the artist gave the bonus to each one, so that they could celebrate with all their might.

Videos | Jhonny Rivera is not happy and shows off his new “mobile home”; he has even a bar

Jhonny Rivera, who is currently one of the most recognized popular music artists in the country, He announced a few months ago that he decided to sell the bus he used to travel on when he was on tour. Nevertheless, this week he showed off the new “mobile home” that he acquired.

Through his personal Instagram account, the artist from Risaraldense surprised all his followers and shared a video in which he showed what the vehicle is like inside, which he assured that it will be released soon.

“My people, I present to you my new mobile home. The one who will be accompanying us to always arrive on time to each ‘show,’” Rivera assured in the audiovisual piece, which received hundreds of congratulatory comments.

In the recording, which also quickly went viral on different social networks, it can be seen that the luxurious bus has the seats marked with the name of the popular music singer in gold letters.

Additionally, the vehicle has several amenities: a sofa bed, bathroom, closets, and a bar, among others, so that the famous artist and his musicians can travel in the best possible way while on a national tour.

Jhonny Rivera finally stressed in the video that the vehicle exceeded his expectations and he thanked the company that supplied it to himwhich also customized the buses of Yeison Jiménez and Jessi Uribe.

“Speechless. God bless you”; “Congratulations, Mr. Johnny. If he needs a driver, here always at his command ”; “You deserve it, the plane is coming”; “We want to see everything in more detail. How nice”; “When is the tour inside the bus”; “What a blessing, teacher, and for all your work team that you will arrive well rested to the commitments,” some users commented in the publication.

Jhonny Rivera always shares the fruits of his work with his followers, since he recently announced that he had given his mother a new apartment because he wanted to be closer to her and make some investments.

“My people! I’m already in the apartment, which will be my new home. I’m with Claudia, she was the one who did all this wonder. I’m very happy,” he said at the time.

It should be remembered that the singer also showed his new country house through a video posted on his personal Instagram account, where he received hundreds of congratulatory comments. Additionally, the artist did not miss the recording to show off his five luxury trucks and stated that the garage was too small for him. In addition, he thanked all his fans for all the support they give him.