The explosion of plane ticket prices undermines the French summer holidays

The prices of plane tickets are soaring and unfortunately it’s not just a bad pun. Indeed, according to journalists fromEuropean 1, it is a 19% increase in prices that travelers are facing. An increase calculated between May 2021 and May 2022. Objeko grant you, it’s probably an even higher percentage that applies to the month of July 2022.

However, this will inevitably call into question the plans of holidaymakers. Those who had planned trips that included a round trip by plane had probably not imagined that the prices of plane tickets would cost them so much money. Relief solutions are therefore found by some. While others change their plans altogether so they don’t have to fly at all.

Airline ticket prices force changes for holidays

Indeed, few people can afford not to watch the expense when planning their vacation. Even airlines cannot ignore the current economic context. In fact, if the prices of plane tickets are increasing, it is because of the inflation that is rampant at the moment. But it is also a consequence of the health crisis and planes grounded for too long. And even the rise in fuel prices…

Companies are therefore trying to recover their health by increasing their prices for plane tickets. But the users will rather be more rare in response to this increase which they consider too important. In France, Objeko do not hide from you that it is indeed a majority of holidaymakers who review their copy. Some go to the end of their vacation plans but find cheaper alternatives for transport.

For example, as quoted on the airwaves ofEuropean 1, a student on a tight budget gave up flying from Paris to Portugal this summer. She will instead take a bus from the capital to go first to Luxembourg. Then, from there, she will take a plane in the direction of her vacation. Making this detour will take time. In particular about five hours by bus. But she will only pay 60 euros for her entire trip instead of 300. “We had a ticket for 40 euros per person for a round trip from there and we must add the 20 euros for the bus. So it’s much less than the 300 euros requested from Paris. », said this student at the microphone of our colleagues. In short, it thumbs its nose at the price of French plane tickets.

But then again, not everyone can afford to extend their vacation in this way. To spend five hours on a bus to save money. Some favor comfort over money, even if the conclusion is that the whole initial plan for summer holidays must be changed.

Vacationers will prefer to desert the airports?

The prices of plane tickets therefore not only push users to modify their air journeys. Some simply give up flying all summer. Local destinations are then favored while inflation is raging. A wise decision no doubt, Objeko grant it to you, since the epidemic is regaining strength. Indeed, the French have good reason to believe that the borders will soon see the return of the health pass.

So, the most prudent thing is perhaps, it is true, to prefer a destination in France. The figures will not be available until the start of the school year. But between the rise in the price of plane tickets, the strike movements and the loss of luggage by the airlines, it must be admitted that the plane has not had good press lately. Not to mention that the ecological emergency is increasingly taken into account in the travel preparations of the French. It goes without saying that the plane is not the means of transport whose carbon footprint will convince those who are rightly worried about the fate of the planet.

Moreover, we will undoubtedly witness a situation which will then go on getting worse. Because, to compensate for the financial losses linked to these travelers who prefer to travel differently because of the rise in the price of plane tickets, the latter will undoubtedly increase further.