The Fabulous Cadillacs do not rest at Vive Latino – El Sol de México

Without respite or rest, Los Fabulosos Cadillacs appeared on the main stage of Vive Latino, with a repertoire that they performed continuously, made up of songs such as “Genio”, “I’m fed up”, “El León”, “Sacó azul”, “Paquito” and “Matador”.

Among the public there was no lack of those who were already reeling from the ravages of the beer, but despite the dizziness they did not stop singing each of the songs with the band.

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The stands were also filled with those who were already tired from a whole festival weekend, and preferred to watch the show from the comfort of a seat.

During the song “Empty Glasses”, the vocalist let his fans sing some fragments of the song, while he listened attentively and smiling. At the end it seemed that they were going to say goodbye, but they did not let them go.

Immediately “Mal bicho” sounded, with which they made the attendees jump. “Good evening, families and friends, what an honor to be back with you. Thank you for inviting us, thank you for this moment. We are ready to unleash the whirlwind,” she said.

The show concluded with “Matador”, during which two giant balloons were thrown into the audience, and they “danced” along with them for the grand closing.