The fake millionaire who inspired the series “Inventing Anne” is invited on Spotify

Fake Russian-German multimillionaire Anna “Delvey” Sorokin, who deceived New York’s elite and inspired a series on Netflix, continues to be talked about on Tuesday: she escaped deportation to Germany but remains detained in United States while talking about sexuality on a Spotify podcast.

The incredible life of this 30-year-old, sentenced in 2019 in New York to years in prison for having defrauded 275,000 dollars from hotels, banks and relatives, experienced a new episode on Monday when the tabloid New York Post claimed that she would be extradited the same evening to Frankfurt, Germany.

But on Tuesday, the American federal services of Immigration and Customs ensured that Anna Sorokin remained “detained in an ICE center (US Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the federal migration police) pending deportation”.

His lawyer Manny Arora, who did not respond to requests from AFP, confirmed to the British tabloid Daily Mail that he had lodged an emergency administrative appeal on Monday evening to suspend the eviction order dated February 17. , valid for 30 days, and thus postpone it for another month.

Extradition Rumors

The same lawyer had however confirmed Monday the information of the New York Post and the rumors of social networks according to which Anna Sorokin had left the detention center ICE of Goshen, in the north of New York – where she has been detained for a year – to take , under duress, a flight to Frankfurt.

But in this German airport, where the press flocked Tuesday morning, a spokesperson denied the arrival of the young woman. According to US immigration authorities, she never even left her detention center.

Anna Sorokin, alias Anna “Delvey”, had succeeded for ten months, between 2016 and 2017, in deceiving New York elites by posing as a wealthy German heiress at the head of a fictitious heritage of 60 million dollars.

Capable of constructing skilful lies thanks to an extraordinary poise, the young woman – recognizable thanks to her large designer glasses – had obtained tens of thousands of dollars in bank loans, traveled free by private jet and lived in Manhattan palaces hook.

Without ever paying anything, according to American justice.


An outstanding affabulator, she had even tried to obtain a loan of 22 million dollars to launch an exclusive club in Manhattan.

Of German nationality and born Russian near Moscow, she was arrested in New York in the act of theft in the fall of 2017 and imprisoned in the sinister Rikers Island prison. Before being sentenced by New York justice in the spring of 2019 to between 4 and 12 years in prison for thefts from hotels, banks, relatives.

A slate valued at $275,000.

Released from prison in February 2021 for good behavior, she was arrested again a month later for overstaying her visa and detained in the New York migration police center, under more flexible conditions than in prison.

Daughter of a Russian driver and tradeswoman who emigrated to Germany in 2007, having frequented the fashion world in London and Paris, Anna Sorakin landed in New York in 2013 for Fashion Week.

Netflix and Spotify

Her incredible story seduced television producer Shonda Rhimes (“Grey’s Anatomy”, “Scandal”) who made it into a mini-series that has been a hit for a month on Netflix, “Inventing Anna”, with Julia Garner in the title role. According to the specialized press, Anna Sorokin would have received 320,000 dollars from the streaming giant.

And she has not finished talking about her on the platforms.

A spokeswoman for Swedish Spotify confirmed to AFP in New York that Anna Sorokin was the guest of the American audio and video podcast “Call Her Daddy”, a talk show on sexuality hosted by influencer Alexandra Cooper, which had announced it with supporting photos on Instagram.

Spotify clarified that the show was “recorded by Anna from the detention center” in upstate New York and will air “for the first time on Wednesday, March 16”.