the family of the ex-Miss France is growing!

Elodie Gossuin may have decided to slow down on the career side, she is no less present for her fans. Indeed, via his Instagram account, Internet users can share the daily life of this fulfilled mother.

Between videos and photos, the former Miss France and radio host proves thatshe benefits 200% from his holidays with family. And it therefore does not fail to also benefit its subscribers. Especially thata big announcement could come soon and Elodie Gossuin fans wouldn’t want to miss it.

According to the few photos of his story Instagram of August 16, Elodie Gossuin is ready to adopt ! Objeko explains everything to you.

Elodie Gossuin will expand the ranks of her family

Remember, it was in an interview for the newspaper The Parisian thatElodie Gossuin announced that she was leaving the morning show of RFM. His fans were torn between two conflicting feelings. They were both going to miss her on the radio and they both knew it was the best decision for her.

Indeed, as she said in this famous interview, Elodie Gossuin needed to breathe. In addition to health reasons, she especially needed her family to return to the center of her life. However, fans of the former Miss France know how much her children and her husband mean to her.

Precisely the rhythm that the morning radio imposed on her was no longer tenable if she wanted to take advantage of her family without putting her health at risk. Elodie Gossuin has therefore recovered a more natural and she is undeniably more fulfilled for this reason.

That being said, she’s not going to settle for so little. Elodie Gossuin apparently has other plans and one of them is to expand the family ! Objeko confirms it to you, it was recently in the columns of the magazine Current wife that the beauty confided in her desire to have other children.

The wish for a new motherhood

But it would seem that her husband, Bertrand Lacherie, is not yet ready to start the adventure again. “We asked this question with my husband, of course. I asked him several times, but he refused. I’m starting to mourn motherhood, I am in full therapy… Until last year, I said to myself: ‘I am 40 years old, I can very well still do a little last one’. Giving life is so magical. »she said.

However, if the maternity project becomes more and more distant as the years go by, adoption is still possible. Elodie Gossuin knows this full well and it is therefore this subject that she discussed with her fans on Instagram. But Objeko invites you to beware, this is not the kind of adoption you may have in mind.

In effect, Elodie Gossuin announces that an adoption is in progress by posing in a photo that she therefore shared in story on his Instagram page. But in his arms, it was not a child, it was a little black hen !