the father of his daughter, Julien, has found love again

Florence Foresti no longer presents herself, she is one of the most famous comedians in France. If it is not the most famous of all. Building on her success on stage, she is also in demand for roles in cinema or television. In addition, she was also twice the presenter of the Cesar ceremony. His career is complete and doing well, to say the least. Florence Foresti still has many years of applause ahead of her and it is difficult to know which of her or her audience will be able to rejoice the most. Indeed, much more than a job, it is a passion that drives the artist when she performs her shows.

But Objeko won’t surprise you by telling you that she is also a discreet artist about her private life. Indeed, very little information is leaked on this subject. However, in the columns of Purepeople in particular, but also many other people magazines, we were able to find out who is the father of the daughter of Florence Foresti. And above all we were able to discover that he has completely rebuilt his life, having become a father twice since this separation. We tell you everything!

Florence Foresti has not been with her daughter’s father for many years

It was in 2006 that Florence Foresti and Julien Maîresse formed a couple for the first time. That year, her notoriety was well established and she played in her first film role. As for his companion, he was and still is today, artistic director. On July 10, 2007, the couple became a family. A little girl named Toni is born and therefore makes Florence Foresti and Julien Maîresse parents. Unfortunately, starting a family is not enough to make a couple last. And in 2010, Toni’s parents decide to separate.

In the press at the time, Florence Foresti did not talk much about her breakup. On the other hand, she spoke willingly of motherhood. Indeed, becoming a mother was a new process that the comedian apprehended in relation to his profession. “I was afraid of being transformed by motherhood. Fear that the sense of reality will make me lose my humor, my self-mockery necessary for my creation. I was afraid that my career would end. », she said at the time. But finally, Objeko do not hide from you that the fans of Florence Foresti had plenty of time to realize that this was far from being the case.

Also, sentimentally speaking, the media claim that she has been in a relationship with director and screenwriter Xavier Maingon since 2011. This information, like all those concerning the private life of Florence Foresti, remains difficult to verify. While for his ex-companion, the father of his daughter, his Instagram account confirms that he has indeed rebuilt his life too.

Who is the father of Toni, the daughter of the famous comedian?

Julien Maîresse is therefore artistic director, separated from Florence Foresti since 2010. But also dad since 2007. Moreover, unlike his ex-girlfriend, he does not hesitate to share photos of their daughter on social networks. In particular, he shows images of Toni driving, specifying that this does not make him any younger. And the readers ofObjeko will know how to rejoice because it is quite rare to see images of the daughter of one of the most famous comedians in the country. Everyone will see noon on their doorstep, but fans of Florence Foresti will not be able to deny that her daughter looks a lot like her.

Also, the ex-companion of Florence Foresti is not content to share photos of his eldest daughter. Indeed, he has become a dad two more times since then. Girls again, but this time he had with a young woman named Aurelia Loncan. A woman he presents, through several of his Instagram posts, as the most beautiful woman in the world. He also speaks in these terms of his three daughters. And also enjoys describing his youngest daughters as “its safe Go”. No possible doubts, between his father and his mother, Toni must not have time to be bored. Although his mother had a career in this field, his dad does not seem to lack a sense of humor either.