the first four works in competition revealed

female dog and wolf, In memory of memory, The addiction and Celestial : here are the first four titles selected for our grand prize, which will be awarded in Paris in the spring.

French novel: female dog and Wolf by Joffrine Donnadieu

In a tasty tragico-comic melody, the narrator tells us about her arrival from her native Lorraine in Paris, her acting lessons, her passion for Tennessee Williams, her job as a stripper in Pigalle and her crazy encounter with Odette, an old lady. devotee who rents him a room. A second whirlwind novel that takes you to the guts with, in focus, the desire to live.
Editions Gallimard, 352 pages, €21.

female dog and wolfJoffrine Donnadieu. Press service, Gallimard

On video, The Super-8 years by Annie and David Ernaux

Bio/story: In memory of memory by Maria Stepanova

While our memory is capricious, retains only what she wants to retain, without submitting to rules, to what is important or not, the author seizes her aunt’s diary, objects, old photos, and fights so that the past is not lived for nothing and restores it in a magnificent way.
Stock editions, 592 pages, €26. Translated by Anne Coldefy-Faucard.

In memory of memoryMaria Stepanova. Press service, Stock

foreign romance: The addiction by Rachel Cusk

M. is remarried, she admires a famous painter, L. whom she lodges in the outbuilding of her beautiful house near the ocean. L. arrives with a friend, another couple is there. Six characters in search of truth, especially Mr. who and so dependent on the gaze of the other. A powerful epistolary novel between dream, reality and the beauty of nature.
Gallimard editions, 208 pages, €20. Translated by Blandine Longre.

The addictionRachel Cusk. Press service, Gallimard

Comic/graphic novel: Celestial by Chloé Cruchaudet

Chloé Cruchaudet pays homage to Marcel Proust, whose centenary of death we are celebrating, and especially to his famous servant Celestial Albaret. She uses blue-green shades and elegantly stretched silhouettes to describe Cabourg and Paris, the office and the reception rooms, Colette and André Gide, and above all a singular relationship to which her drawing gives a most delicate dreamlike quality.

Editions Soleil/Delcourt, 116 p., €18.95.

CelestialChloe Cruchaudet. Editions Soleil, 2022 — Cruchaudet