The first time Marc Anthony married, Nadia Ferreira was one year old and he was 32 years old

The pThe first time Marc Anthony married, Nadia Ferreira was one year old and he was 32 years olds. The so-called wedding of the year was held on the paradisiacal beaches of Miami, so the Puerto Rican-American salsa singer married for the fourth timethis time with the young model, so the news caused expectation internationally.

Not only because of the luxurious ceremony that took place at the Pérez Art Museum in Miami and was attended by special guests such as the Beckhams, Salma Hayek or Maluma, the age difference between Marc Anthony, 54, and Nadia Ferreira, 23which provoked criticism on social networks by some netizens.

“Sugar Daddy”, “he looks like his dad” or even memes where he appears as a “skull” were some comments and images shared by Internet users. Another fact that caused a stir in networks was the age comparison: “The first time Marc Anthony married, Nadia Ferreira was one year old and he was 32 years old.”

The women and children of Marc Anthony

Arianna Muñiz Rosado is the eldest daughter of salsa singer Marc Anthony. The young woman was born on June 29, 1994 and is currently 28 years old. She is the result of the singer’s relationship with the former New York police officer, Debbie Rosado.

Before meeting the Puerto Rican-American singer-songwriter and actor, the woman had already been the mother of another little one, to whom the artist decided to give his last name. Alex “Chase” Muñiz Rosado, is Arianna’s blood relative and from a very young age he lived with the musician and that is why he did not hesitate to treat him like his other children.

Later, let’s remember that the salsa singer and also an actor married for the first time with dayanara torres in 2000. By then, Marc Anthony was 32 years old. The couple only lasted four years of marriage and had two children: Cristian and Ryan Muñiz. Although things did not work out between them, they decided to maintain a bond of friendship, especially for the sake of their children.

From this marriage arose the comparison of ages on social networks and it is that at that time the former Miss Universe contestant, Nadia Ferreira, was only one year old, because she was born on May 10, 1999. Therefore, lovers take 31 years apart.

After divorcing Dayanara Torres that same year, the famous artist confirmed his love with Jennifer Lopez and months later, in June 2004, they got married; It was in 2008 when they welcomed the twins Max and Emme. Therefore, in total, the singer already had four children.

Finally, the famous international couple announced their divorce in 2014, which saddened their followers. But the doors of love did not close for Anthony, because after his separation with “La Diva del Bronx”, the vocalist married shannon delime in 2014.

Despite the good coexistence, after three years as husband and wife, the composer and the model made the decision to separate in 2017. Now that the millionaire singer has married for the fourth time, this time with Nadia Ferreirathe news that supposedly Marc will become a father caused a stir, since the young woman is already pregnant and that’s why they brought up the wedding. So the press says that Anthony will have his seventh child, and with it, six natural and one adoptive.

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