The first woman taxi driver in Colombia went through the diamond of La Voz Senior

Canal Caracol’s prime time program conquered the public thanks to the richness of the stories of the participants who reach the diamond of La Voz, whether they are the stories of children, adults, or grandparents who are presenting themselves these days.

One of them was the one that moved singer-songwriter Andrés Cepeda on Thursday night, because in this edition of La Voz Senior, Mrs. Leonor Castro said that she had worked in a job that was previously considered only for men: “I had the opportunity to face a male job. I had the opportunity to be the first taxi driver in Colombia. That has merit”.

She added that “one is qualified to do any job without demeriting the gender, so I do tell all my Colombian women: Fight, be brave and do what many do not dare”, for which she was applauded and applauded not only by the jury, but also by the public.

Given this, Cepeda told the participant who did not go to the next round that it was wonderful and that she “has been a pioneer in gender equality”, because in recent times it has been emphasized that both men and women can do the same tasks.

Doña Leonor, a native of Tunja, Boyacá, 88 years old, performed Escándalo, a song that talks about love and mentions that it would be more embarrassing not to love, according to the program’s juries.

Similarly, there are several life stories that move viewers on the other side of the screen, as happened with Mr. José Inocencio Trejos González, who performed ‘La nave del olvido’ when he took the stage. The man, born in Cali, gave a nostalgic version of José José’s musical classic.

What caught the attention of the curious were the statements that the contestant gave when they asked him if he had dedicated his whole life to music. José Inocencio pointed out that his family saw this as something of “drunks”, so he waited until he retired as a teaching professional and trained his artistic facet.

“When I said that I wanted to dedicate myself to music they told me that ‘that’s for drunks’, but now that I’ve retired, I indulge myself and I’m fulfilling a dream because I’m a Parkinson’s patient and music is what has me standing here ”, said the 72-year-old singer.

“It’s like my therapy. Parkinson’s, within its modalities, is different for each person and ends with the voiceand I’m fighting and I don’t want it to end”, said ‘Chencho’ before the jury and those present on the set.

Likewise, Enrique Cuéllar, father of the late chef Alejandro Cuéllar, went through the blind auditions. The 68-year-old artist surprised the three jurors, Andrés Cepeda, Kanny García and Nacho, by singing ‘Satisfaction’, a song by Keith Richards and Mick Jagger, from The Rolling Stones, with guitar in hand, although none of the three turned their chairs.

He assured that he came from a large family of eight brothers and that his father instilled in them a taste for instruments. From a young age they formed a family band to which other artists also came to play with them.

“My eldest son was a great chef that this city had, I will always remember his kindness, nobility and talent. I always have it in my heart. When you lose a child, you don’t have a name, you lose your life,” he said while both he and presenter Iván Lalinde cried.