The five Dominicans who, without being singers, move the entertainment and attract crowds

Despite the state of coma that the show experienced due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Dominican Republic has re-emerged at the hands of powerful agents who currently dominate the world of entertainment.

In other times, names like César Suárez or Luis Medrano stood out in big productions, especially massive shows.

They are the oldest and are still active, but in recent times other entrepreneurs have emerged who have become the relay with artistic presentations in the Olympic and Quisqueya stadiums, Eduardo Brito National Theater, Santo Domingo Sports Palace, Altos de Chavón and Hard Rock Hotel and Casino.

Names like Saymon Díaz, Gamal Haché, César Suarez Jr., in concert production; Zumaya Cordero in the cinema and Santiago Matías (Alofoke) in the urban world, they keep the Dominican scene moving in different areas.

2022 began with an avalanche of shows and presentations by these producers, who with striking proposals attract the attention of the public that attends the concerts.

Circo de Soleil, Karol G, Juan Luis Guerra, Coldplay, Alejandro Sanz, Joan Manuel Serrat, Emmanuel, Carlos Vives and others have stepped on Dominican stages this year.

The Dominican Republic has had a billboard rarely seen with world-class artists performing to a full house on the different stages set aside for these events.

“The artists were hungry and thirsty to go on stage and the public to enjoy them, as well as us to produce events because we had not worked for two years,” artistic entrepreneur Saymon Díaz told Listín Diario at the beginning of the year. And this has been reflected in the frenzy of people every time a new show is announced.

For the rest of the year there is still more: missing El Alfa, “Legend of Dembow”, on July 16 at the Olympic Stadium; the Spanish artist Rosalía will step on the stones of Altos de Chavón on September 3; Bad Bunny will have two performances at the Olympic Stadium in Santo Domingo, on Friday 21 and Saturday 22 October.

Saymon Díaz has had under his charge several of the most important presentations that have been made in the country in the last year, among them the Cirque du Soleil “Kooza”, with 70 performances from January 7 to April 10.

Before, in December, he was in charge of bringing together the Aventura group in the country, who performed two consecutive nights at the Félix Sánchez Olympic Stadium, to a full house.

Saymon also presented the Dominican singer-songwriter Juan Luis Guerra with his proposal “Between sea and palm trees” for a month at Hard Rock Punta Cana.

He was also responsible for bringing the British band Coldplay to the Olympic Stadium, a milestone in the history of entertainment in the Dominican Republic. Alejandro Sanz, Myke Towers, Alejandro Fernández, among others, also appear on his billboard. He has pending the show of the urban exponent El Alfa.

Another great in production is Gamal Haché. The businessman has been in charge of making Altos de Chavón vibrate, with Rauw Alejandro, Karol G, Soda Stereo.

Haché is in charge of the production of the most anticipated concerts by Dominicans in the remainder of the year: the Puerto Rican Bad Bunny and the Spanish Rosalía.

When talking about event productions, the name of César Suarez Jr. is written, and it is that he is one of the producers that performs the most events, all with notable success.

Kany García, Los Montaner, Camila y Sin Bandera, Camilo, Luis Fonsi, Reik, and many more have the stamp of this producer.

+ The most influential

While the film industry has not stopped working and several products “made in the DR” reached the big screen with the seal of Zumaya Cordero, general director of Caribbean Cinemas and film producer.

Cordero has become the most powerful woman in local entertainment.

After emigrating and returning to her country to work, she is the producer of several films that have brought together great stars in the cinema.

The director of the Fine Arts Film Festival is the producer of the films “Qué León” and “Los Leones”, both starring Ozuna, Clarissa Molina, Raymond Pozo, Miguel Céspedes, among others, and which are on Netflix.

He also produced the Raymond and Miguel biopic, “The Lives of Kings”; “Líos de familia”, an exclusive Dominican series for the Pantaya platform.

Likewise, the film that brought together more than a dozen important local and international figures: “Flow Calle”.

Zumaya and his team are in charge of producing the film of the life of the artist of Puerto Rican and Dominican origin Ozuna, which is called “Odisea”.

His most recent project is the new movie “Teacher Mechy”, a comedy starring Francisca and Cheddy García. The latter is also the screenwriter.

However, Cordero has not only dedicated himself to cinema, but last year he was in charge of the executive production of the most important Dominican entertainment event: Sovereign Awards, at the Jaragua hotel. To this was added the incursion into radio production, when the Caribbean Media World company supported the announcer Brea Frank in his project “La Universidad de la Calle” (UCA) by the station EXA 96.9 FM,

+ The urban world

The producer and influencer Santiago Matías “Alofoke” has created an emporium in digital communication and entertainment.

Their platforms are an important part of the history of the urban genre in the Dominican Republic and are already transcending other broader sectors.

Last year Matías further consolidated his platform after associating with Ozuna in the purchase of the station “Sonido Suave”, now called “Alofoke FM”.

The businessman adds millions of subscribers to his YouTube channels, with great popularity among young people and in the urban world.

Matías has participated in major events on the process of urban music in the country. He has also been in charge of tours for various artists.

There are other names like Eduardo Durán, that are also part of the world of entertainment and that move many people. His company ED Live will present Puerto Rican reggaeton musicians Wisin and Yandel on July 9 at the Quisqueya Juan Marichal Stadium on their farewell tour that closes more than 20 years of music.