The flattering comment of Mia Khalifa to the provocative photograph of Karol G

In recent days Karol G has been on the lips of her fans for having released her new song “Provenza” which was a success on digital platforms, but also for the photos she shared through her social networks where she showed off her body and He left “in love” with many of the more than 52 million followers that the woman from Antioquia has on her official Instagram account.

However, what surprised many is that her latest photos in which the Colombian singer showed her body in a bathing suit impressed even the popular model and adult film actress Mia Khalifa, who praised the charms of the paisa reggaetonera.

The original publication has the Colombian “Bichota” in five different photos in which she proudly shows off her body in a very small black swimsuit. “I was with someone, but I’m already free,” she wrote in her Instagram post, referencing her recent song Provenza by her.

And among the thousands of comments and “compliments” that the paisa artist received, the one from the adult film star Mia Khalifa stood out, who apparently is very involved in Latin American music and in the urban genre, after confirming that she has a romantic relationship with the Puerto Rican singer Jhay Cortez.

“I would be crying, shitting, throwing up in a corner for the rest of my life if I ever lost you,” wrote the Lebanese-American actress. in a clear compliment to the figure of the Colombian singer, who a few months ago ended her romantic relationship with reggaeton player Anuel AA, with whom she has shared several hints since the end of her courtship.

The fans of the two famous celebrated the comment and also recalled that it is not the first time that Khalifa shows her admiration for Karol G, since in the past she has been recorded singing the hits of the Colombian reggaetonera that currently have her being the most important reggaeton today.

Karol G’s song that, according to a Christian pastor, flatters the devil

Karol G is, without a doubt, one of the most important Colombian and Latin American artists in the world. The numbers support this, both in reproductions of her songs and in the money they generate for her.

However, as often happens with this type of artist, there are many critics and opponents of religion, especially Christianity. An example of this is the case of a pastor who lives under this faith, who assured that La Bichota would be committed to performing songs with subliminal messages in a clear effort to “please Satan.”

To argue his thesis, the religious leader cited the song Mi cama, one of Karol G’s most famous, and that, for man, has a very high spiritual charge with which people would be worshiping the devil by singing it.

“You say that you already forgot about me and you erased your mind, when I made you pom, pom, pom pom”, read the pastor to be able to give a much more contextualized point of view of the situation.

Thus, in front of the fragment “pom, pom, pom”, the man assured that “the Lord must rebuke that pom, pom”, stating that it is precisely this part that, when reproduced in reverse, according to him, is a clear sign of devil worship.

“But let’s listen to it inverted (…) it says ‘Oh, satan takes your body with me,’” he explained.

As is often the case with this type of situation, the comments related to the video were immediate, some criticizing the spiritual leader, others defending their idea, assuring that they have been able to feel the evil psychic charge that these types of songs bring to their lives.

“Is right. My God, protect us from these bad people”; “Don’t fuck around! Nothing is heard, pure straw”; “Is this what our children and adolescents listen to? No wonder the world is not going anywhere” and “Another ‘loquito’ who demonizes everything that is fun for others”, are some of the messages left by Internet users on social networks.