“The Geissens”: Davina and Shania still single – the reason

In the reality show “Die Geissens”, the life of the Cologne millionaire family has been followed by RTL2 for many years. Davina and Shania, daughters of Robert and Carmen, have always watched viewers grow up. Davina and Shania Geiss are now 19 and 18 years old, and the two young girls have become young women.

At “Die Geissens” on RTL2, Mama Carmen has now unpacked the relationship status of her two daughters. Nutsch photos on Instagram, cute couple pictures, confessions of love – so far nothing has been seen on the social media channels of the Geiss daughters.

“The Geissens”: That’s why Davina and Shania don’t have a boyfriend

There are rumors about possible relationships between Davina and Shania, but both Geiss daughters have never had a highly official boyfriend. In the current episode of Geissens, Mama Carmen now reveals the reason: “Because he hasn’t crossed their path yet.” The first isn’t always the best either. “What I have is an exception,” says the blonde.

Robert and Carmen have been together for what seems like forever, they met and fell in love when they were teenagers. Carmen married her Robert in 1994, and their daughters Davina Shakira (May 30, 2003) and Shania Tyra Maria (July 30, 2004) were born around ten years later.

Robert and Carmen Geiss: The great teenage love

With the two girls, Robert and Carmen jet through the world, visit the most beautiful places and go to numerous parties. In the latest episode “The Geissens”, the millionaire family is traveling in Great Britain and is looking at possible new properties there.

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Robert said of possible plans to move: “It’s only because of the children, because they want an apartment here so they can party here.” As a result, Robert Geiss drives his daughters mad in a shop. You can find out what happened next here!