The Geissens: Officially – “Who would have thought that possible?”

The Geissens: Finally! It’s official – “Who knew it was possible?”

06/09/2022 at 10:32 p.m

The Geissens: This is how Robert and Carmen became rich

The Geissens: This is how Robert and Carmen became rich

They are probably the richest TV family on German television: the Geissens. But how did Robert and Carmen Geiss become so wealthy?

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All’s well that ends well. It was a drama in countless acts that began in 2015. At that time “The Geissen family“ decided that a yacht should of course also have the right speedboat and bought one without further ado.

‘Donzi’, that’s the name of the little boat goat shouldn’t turn out to be a stroke of luck, however. The boat was confiscated in Costa Rica in 2015 and only released again by the authorities four years later.

“The Geissens: The never-ending story will come to an end after all

But not in the state that the Geissens had wanted. So Robert Geiss first had to fight to transfer his boat to the USA. But the boat was far from able to swim. So the Geissens took ‘Donzi’ to a shipyard for repairs. But even then the speedboat was not repaired as the Geissens had wished.


Those are them goat:

  • The Geissens consist of Papa Robert, Mama Carmen and daughters Davina and Shania
  • The family comes from Cologne, but also has a property in Monaco
  • The new episodes of the jet set family are broadcast on RTL2


In a cloak and dagger operation, the Geissens hijacked their own boat and then took it to a more reputable shipyard. But that was not the end of the drama. Several outboard motors gave up the ghost during a subsequent test drive and Robert also rammed a catamaran while docking.

“The Geissens: Carmen cheers -” We’re back in Monaco. With Donzi. Finally”

But now the disaster boat finally seems in the home port. Carmen Geiss shared a photo of herself, Robert and ‘Donzi’ on Instagram, writing: “We are back in Monaco. With Donzi. Finally.”

Of course, after this odyssey, the fans are also happy. “Who would have thought that possible,” writes a follower, for example. Another adds: “What takes a long time will finally be good.” And a third follower cheers: “You are the best!”


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