The Geissens: Robert speaks of divorce! “I don’t give a fuck”

“The Geissens”: Robert speaks of divorce! Carmen tough: “I don’t give a fuck”

05/10/2022 at 11:03 p.m

The Geissens: This is how Robert and Carmen became rich

The Geissens: This is how Robert and Carmen became rich

They are probably the richest TV family on German television: the Geissens. But how did Robert and Carmen Geiss become so wealthy?

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So far you have known “The Geissen familyonly in a team of four. With their own TV series on RTL2, Davina and Shania are now over. In “Davina and Shania – We love Monaco” the daughters are now in the foreground.

However, it is not possible without her parents. And suddenly they get “The Geissen family‘ again neatly in the hair. So much so that Robert Geiss suddenly even talks about divorce.

“The Geissens”: Marriage Zoff with Robert and Carmen Geiss

The trigger for the heated conversation is daughter Shania. As the family gathers to prepare for a ball to be held in Monaco, she proudly shows off her new tattoo.


These are “The Geissen family“:

  • The Geissens originally come from Cologne, but now live in Monaco
  • The entrepreneurial couple Carmen and Robert Geiss have two children: Davina (18) and Shania (17)
  • Since 2011 they have had their own TV show on RTL2 entitled “The Geissens – a terribly glamorous family”.


While Mama Carmen is very enthusiastic about her daughter’s body jewelry, Robert is skeptical. The TV star has a hard time coming to terms with tattoos, even when it’s his daughter Davina’s name that Shania got.

“The Geissens”: Robert freaks out – “I’m getting a divorce”

Robert then suggests to his wife that she should have his name tattooed on her. But Carmen refuses and replies: “You can change a man, but the children are always the children.”


More about “The Geissens”:


Apparently, Robert is anything but enthusiastic about this statement and says: “I’m getting a divorce.” Carmen, on the other hand, reacts harshly and counters: “I don’t give a damn.” This should clarify the fronts in the Geiss house.

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