“The Geissens”: Robert suffers from a painful operation on the high seas

Updated on 03/21/2022 at 11:37 p.m

  • Because Robert Geiss is still suffering from his Achilles heel, he gets injections against the pain.
  • But he suffers agony before that.
  • More unpleasant surprises await the millionaire on an Ibiza trip with model Papis Loveday.

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Medical mission on the high seas: In the current double episode of “The Geissens – a terribly glamorous family” (RTLZWEI), Robert Geiss has to grit his teeth because he is about to undergo an unpleasant procedure. Because he has been suffering from pain in his Achilles heel since an accident eight months ago, he is to be injected with a painkiller.

“As a rule, men are more sensitive to pain than women, so is my Robert,” Carmen already suspects that this will not be a walk in the park for her husband. After all: Instead of having to go to a doctor’s office, the 58-year-old millionaire orders the specialist directly to his yacht “Indigo Star”, which is off Mallorca.

Carmen has to hold hands during the procedure with several syringes, because Robert has a lot of respect: “Shouldn’t we anesthetize beforehand?” He asks anxiously and winces when the disinfectant is applied to his calf: “Even spraying it hurts ” he groans.

When the first of many injections stings, Robert suppresses a cry of pain and clutches Carmen’s hand: “I think I need a new chewing bar right away,” he moans as he clenches his teeth. Carmen, who is also terrified of injections, can’t even look and tries to calm Robert: “You’re brave! You’ll get a bottle of wine from me!”

Surprises with Papis Loveday

After surviving the treatment and because all shops in Mallorca are closed due to corona, the Geissens – who are traveling without their children Davina and Shania – jet to the next island: Ibiza. Maybe there’s more going on there. A good friend of the family has signed up: Model Papis Loveday, who was part of “Celebrity Big Brother” 2021. The 45-year-old has come up with several surprises for the Geissens.

First it goes with buggies across the island. Robert is skeptical: “Surprises are rarely good. I have no idea what’s going to happen now, we’ll probably meet some crazy caveman.” Papis leads his guests to his friend Aley. The man was a pop star in the Czech Republic in a previous life and now lives without any comfort in a cave overlooking the sea.

While Robert is concerned that he will fall over again in the rough terrain, Carmen curiously explores the unusual dwelling: “It’s nice here,” she says happily and immediately tests the “bed”, a small stone surface in a niche of the cave, with her dads .

The guests are to be cleansed with a spiritual ceremony. However, Robert spurned the offered tea as well as a joint breathing meditation. The meeting triggers escape reflexes rather than relaxation in the millionaire: “I’m getting back pain now,” he withdraws from the group hug and the “spiritual session”. Robert, who loves luxury, simply has no use for so much hippieism.

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Visiting “caveman” Alex. The dropout lives in the middle of nature on Ibiza.


Carnival in Ibiza

Papis Loveday can score more with his next surprise. Although Robert is initially extremely critical: “Where did we end up here – in the circus? It all seems very strange to me,” he complains when they meet a colorful group with musical instruments in a remote restaurant. They are vaudeville artists who provide their restaurant guests with a rich fundus: Before eating, everyone has to dress up.

Carmen is immediately hooked and after initial hesitation, Robert is having fun too: “Carnival is always possible!” he grins. When the artist troupe also intones “Jetset” together with Carmen, the mood is at its peak. “It was really fun,” Robert praises the campaign.

Not at all fun is the conclusion the next day after an aborted crossing to Formentera. There are heavy waves. During the storm, quite a few things break in the salon of the “Indigo Star”: tables, chairs, vases and even one of the large decorative skulls are dismantled. Robert: “I think we need new furniture.” On a spontaneous shopping trip to Ibiza, Carmen only finds one thing: lots of new clothes.
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