The Geissens: Secret trip by Shania & Davina ends in disaster

The Geissens: Secret trip by Shania and Davina turns into a disaster – Carmen Geiss appalled

The Geissens: This is how Robert and Carmen became rich

The Geissens: This is how Robert and Carmen became rich

They are probably the richest TV family on German television: the Geissens. But how did Robert and Carmen Geiss become so wealthy?

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This secret trip went haywire: Shania and Davina from the goat really just wanted to have fun – but they reckoned without their parents Carmen and Robert…

On Monday evening (9:15 p.m.) there will be a new episode “Davina and Shania” on RTL2. The two daughters of goat now have their own show. Papa Robert posted the current trailer on his Instagram page.

The Geissens: Shania and Davina are planning a secret trip

And as you can see there, the two are planning a secret trip. “Our plan is to go to Wallberg,” announce the 17 and 18-year-old siblings.


These are “The Geissen family“:

  • The Geissens are a jet set family from Cologne
  • The entrepreneurial couple Carmen and Robert Geiss have two children: Davina (18) and Shania (17)
  • Since 2011 they have had their own TV show on RTL2 entitled “The Geissens – a terribly glamorous family”.


But when they arrive at the hut, they quickly realize: they have no electricity! “Nothing works here,” the Geissens daughters are horrified.

The Geissens: Excursion of the two siblings goes completely wrong

Her two male companions can’t help out either. So it stays bitterly cold in the hut, and even a fire in the fireplace doesn’t help. On the contrary: the place almost burns down too!

And to top it all off, Mama Carmen and Papa Robert crash the party. “I don’t recognize my house,” says Mama Carmen, stunned, when she enters the hut.


More news about the goat:


You can see how the whole thing ends on Monday evening from 9:15 p.m. on RTL2.

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